Super hospital just for animals

Super hospital just for animals

WITH it’s sterile white walls, flat screen televisions and glass doors this could easily be a flagship new NHS super-hospital – but in fact it is a vets surgery.

Run by renowned vet Dr Noel Fitzpatrick, who recently featured in the recent BBC1 series The Bionic Vet, the spotless state-of-the-art surgery is described as “the world’s first luxury animal wards” by its owners.

Pictured is Ellie Soni, 6-years-old, black labrador who is being cared for at the hospital

Better than a human hospital


In an age where people in human hospitals have to disinfect their hands with alcohol when moving between wards, the new wards boasts bacteria resistant walls and floors, underfloor heating, radios and air conditioning optimised designed to minimise the possibility of infection.
A spokesperson for Fitzpatrick Referrals, said: “The practice aims to provide a holistic approach to pet recovery, from diagnosis and treatment through to rehabilitation, and these new state-of-the-art animal wards demonstrate the practice’s ongoing commitment to providing the very best level of care.”
Instead of the normal gates or bars found on the front of kennels, glass doors allow the animals a wide field of view for the animals designed to make them feel more at home and less like they are in a small cell.
While their human counterparts tend to have to pre pay for their entertainment systems, or rely on visits from there relatives during visiting hours, the animals will find each kennel has a radio installed and many are equipped with televisions to provide auditory and visual stimulation.
The surgery – based in Surrey – say this is to provide a more homelike environment for the patients.
The flatscreen TVs, mounted on the walls of the kennels sit alongside plush carpets to leave cats and dogs in the ultimate comfort.

Windows and night time dimmers provide a daily rhythm to help comfort anxious animals and help those with separation anxiety to settle.
Loved ones can rest assure that their pets will be constantly monitored, with webcams installed in every kennel, allowing round the clock monitoring, while those on an NHS ward often rely on the rounds of a nurse to check on their comfort.
While many kennels can look like mini prisons, with those looking after the animals sorting through a mound of keys to open cells, the new kennels are opened by a simple push of a button.
The amazing wards were opened yesterday/on Monday by singer and actor Michael Ball, along with his dog Freddie, who is himself recovering from a revolutionary hip operation.

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