Paedophile nursery worker gets life

Paedophile nursery worker gets life

A PAEDOPHILE nursery worker was handed a life sentence yesterday for a string of “vile” sexual offences which included the rape of a toddler.

Paul Anthony Wilson, 21, was told he must serve at least 15 years in prison before he can be considered for release, after he pleaded guilty to 46 counts of sexual offences involving children.

The court heard that Wilson, who was employed at the Little Stars nursery in Nechells, Birmingham, until his arrest in January this year, had raped the infant on two separate occasions.

Police later discovered sickening footage of the assault on his mobile phone.

It took prosecutors three hours to read the full summary of the indictment against Wilson.

Shenaz Muzaffer, prosecuting, described the contents of the videos depicting the rapes.

She said: “The first movie was 20 seconds long.

“It showed the complainant looking up at the camera in the nursery toilet.

“Another video one minute 15 seconds long showed the camera footage taken in a classroom at Little Stars nursery where toys were visible in the background.

“At one point a child could be heard crying in the background.

“At one point the defendant can be heard saying ‘I love you’.”

The court heard that Wilson had also preyed on young girls over social networks and Internet chat programs, blackmailing them into performing lewd acts on webcam.

Posing as teenage boys, and sometimes girls using over 23 different online personas, the court heard that Wilson would contact his victims and persuade them to send him “dirty pictures”.

If they refused to co-operate, Wilson would threaten to distribute the pictures to their friends and families.

The court heard that Wilson would frequently threaten to “f*ck over” the teenagers if they tried to break contact with him.

He even threatened to send photos of one girl to her family home by post when she told him that she didn’t want to pose for pictures.

The court heard that Wilson was found by police to possess over 150 videos and images of under 16s rated at level 4 and 5 – the highest level of severity.

In total, he had 755 still images and 139 videos featuring children thought to be as young as 18 months old.

Wilson, who wore a white t-shirt and appeared in the dock unshaven, duped one 14-year-old girl into performing sexual acts with her boyfriend on a webcam.

In one case, Wilson used nine different aliases over the course of two weeks to trick a 15 year old girl into participating in some “cam fun” online.

He also convinced one girl to perform lewd acts with her sister, and in one case even blackmailed a teen into performing sexual acts on the family dog.

Sentencing Wilson, Mrs Justice Macure called him a “predatory paedophile”.

She said: “You are a dangerous, depraved paedophile.

“You have humiliated and corrupted and defiled.

“You have caused unknown harm to all of your victims, and your response when challenged was to attempt to justify your behaviour by reference to the older girls’ sexual experience, which you considered obvious.

“Or to blame the nursery for failing to implement proper safeguards.”

The judge also spoke of her ‘incredulity’ that Wilson retained his job at the nursery until his arrest, despite concerns being raised by worried parents about some of his behaviour.

The judge also slammed Wilson, who boasted to a doctor that he could be a politician, for his arrogance.

She said: “You had said that some thought you capable of being a politician, that you could talk your way out of anything.

“You cajoled, bribed and blackmailed. Those behaviours are not those of a politician, they are those of a predatory paedophile.”

Wilson wept as he was sentenced and led away from the dock.

DCI Gary Booth from West Midlands Police’s Public Protection Unit said after the case: ”We welcome the sentence given today and hope that this may start to give the families and victims involved some kind of closure and sense of justice.

“Wilson’s actions were calculated and carefully considered with the sole aim of using them to satisfy his perversions. He would then use fear and guilt to elicit further acts and ensure his victim’s silence.

“The investigation was a long, complex and often distressing process for my officers, which involved them travelling across the country to break the news to families who were unaware their child was being abused. With every knock at every victim’s door, they knew that the lives of those inside would be irrevocably changed.

“This case has highlighted the dangers children can face when online and the need for parents to intrusively supervise their child’s use of computers and mobile phones.”

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