Knife thrower wanted

Knife thrower wanted

A JOB centre is advertising a bizarre vacancy for a place at the Circus of Horrors – as a knife throwers assistant.

Dozens of people had already applied for the position with the infamous circus act – which were favourites to win Britain’s Got Talent early this year- after just 24 hours of it being posted online by Job Centre Plus.

The wacky advert is currently being advertised in Blackpool’s Job Centre and states the ‘Ideal candidate must be comfortable having knives thrown around’ for a wage that exceeds the national minimum.

The controversial circus act, which made it to the semi-finals of the ITV talent show, say the ‘lucky’ applicant needs to be courageous, confident, not to suffer from Aichmophobia (fear of sharp object’s) and be prepared to stand at a board measuring 6’ x 3’ and have 10 flaming knifes thrown around them every day.

Ringmaster and creator of infamous The Circus of Horrors Dr Haze said: “”We need someone to stand on a board and have 10-knives thrown around them. What makes it worse is that they are on fire – they are flaming knives.

“The girl that normally does it can’t make it so we need someone to step in.

“We are expecting a large take up of this, Blackpool must be a cauldron for wannabe Target people.”

Five brave people had applied for the position after one hour of it being advertised on Wednesday and 25 daring candidates had put themselves forward after 24 hours.

“There are lots of showbiz people in Blackpool and people that want to get into showbusiness so we thought it would be an ideal place to target,”Dr Haze added.

“If they look good that will help them – it is showbusiness at the end of the day.”

Candidates that are shortlisted can expect to be put through their paces in the interview – where they will have knives thrown at them.

Talking about the attributes needed, Dr Haze continued: “They need to be extremely brave. You have got to have a lot of confidence and obviously you can’t be scared of knives as you’ll be working on a knife’s edge.

“They can’t move. If we think they will move then we can’t give them the job. We will be testing their nerves – you need nerves of steel.

“I don’t like doing it, I have had it done. It is pretty scary. They come at you at about 30 miles per hour and are very close to you. It is scary.”

The show is looking for a new target person to perform for their new Halloween production while the show is appearing in Blackpool on the 27th, 28th and 29th October.

Whoever gets the job is also in with a chance of becoming a permanent part of the act.

“We will certainly consider them for a longer term contract,”Dr Haze added.

The Auditions will be held, inside the Globe Theatre at The Blackpool Pleasure Beach at 11am on Tuesday 25th Oct’.

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