The Perfect Woman has the Eyes of Kim Kardashian and the Shiny Hair of the Cambridge Duchess

The Perfect Woman has the Eyes of Kim Kardashian and the Shiny Hair of the Cambridge Duchess

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Five celebrities from USA and Great Britain, including Kim Kardashian and the Cambridge Duchess, Catherine, have some of the most attractive facial characteristics. Those were chosen to create the perfect face, according to
The eyes of the perfect woman must be of the shape of almonds, such as Kim Kardashian. The perfect woman also needs the impeccable and shiny hair of the Cambridge Duchess, the lips of the former Pussycat Dolls formation, Nicole Scherzinger, and the teeth of the actress Michelle Keegan. The face skin must be the one of the reality show “The Only Way is Essex” hostess, Lucky Mecklenburg. The pool was made by Beautiful Britain in 2014, and it was ordered by the cosmetic distributor Salon Services.
The perfect woman that combines the different facial characteristics of the celebrities, have a round face, almond eyes, long eyebrows, long and curly hair, and a brown skin colour, sensual lips and the perfect denture.
According to the pool that attracted more than 2000 experts from the cosmetic industry, and owners of beauty salons, one out of five women consider the hair of the Cambridge Duchess, Catherine, as a feminine standard when it comes to the beauty of the hair, and 17% of them wish to have the same skin nuance as the one of Lucy Mecklenburg.
The Pool is interesting not only for the beauty saloons, but also for cosmetic producers. Those are able to create better hair dieing colours and more interesting creams, which will allow women to look more like their favourite stars.

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