GOLF hero Danny Willett’s big brother upstaged his sibling with a string of hilarious tweets – and joked about being able to say he had “shared a bath with a Masters’ winner.”

Peter Willett, 29, conducted a side-splitting running commentary on Twitter as his younger brother Danny, 28, became the first Britain to win the US Masters in 20 years.

Peter, from Marston Green, Birmingham, posted cheeky remarks, including one urging Danny not to wear the famous Masters’ green jacket – because the colour made him “look fat.”

And he ribbed Danny’s main rival, US golfer Jordan Spieth who fluffed a string of shots -branding the 22-year-old Texan “slowpoke.”

Speaking outside Grace Academy in Solihull, West Mids., where Peter is Head of Performing Arts, he said: “I was having a lovely evening in with my wife, coming up with the most ridiculous tweets I could think of.

“Dara O’Briain retweeted me, which was wonderful, and a load of random people in America.

“I went from about 300 followers to 6,000 followers overnight.

“I went to bed at 4am and the alarm went off at 5.15am. But I’m ashamed to say I lay in bed last night refreshing my Twitter over and over again.

“I told myself I would never be one of those people, but it turns out I am one of those people.

“I don’t know what my brother’s made of it yet, but I think he finds me generally quite annoying.

“It’s quite normal behaviour for me.

“I’m just seeing how long I can ride out this wave for.

“I think Danny is hoping I don’t say something he genuinely really regrets.”

Posting a picture of Taittinger champagne and referring to defending champion Spieth, he said: “Just downed in one. Work will understand. Behave yourself, Spieth.”

He tweeted: “Spieth is lining up his putt. If I’m quick I can get a beer, go to the toilet, and paint the spare room b4 he hits it.”

As the thrilling finale at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia approached, Peter, who posts under the twitter handle @P_J_Willett, tweeted: “2 birdies from slowpoke and I’ll eat my pants.”

“If the boy does what he should, I will be able to say “I’ve shared a bath with a Masters winners” – brilliant.”

He then posts: “My boy has got massive b*llocks.”

As Danny was crowned the champion, Peter wrote: “There’s a fat woman legging it around my house singing. I’m cracking open the passion fruit liqueur. AHHHHHHHHHHH.

“Speechless. I once punched that kid in the head for hurting my pet rat. Now look.”

Hilariously, Peter even urged his little brother to turn the airways blue.

He tweeted: “Dan, there has never been a better time to drop the F or C bomb, I’d love it.”

And Peter couldn’t resist a cheeky jibe at Danny as he was handed the prestigious green champion’s jacket, when he tweeted: “Green makes you look fat, refuse the jacket.”

Peter’s humorous comments began trending on Twitter, and attracted support from comedian Dara O Briain who tweeted to his followers: “New Masters champion @DannyWillet’s brother @P-J-Willett has been tweeting up a storm tonight. Worth reading his timeline.”

And Peter, a teacher, warned his pupils not give him any back-chat in lessons following his brother’s incredible win.

He tweeted: “When I’m too tired to teach a good lesson tomorrow, and some kid spits at me, I’m just gonna smile and say ‘I won Twitter’ *drops mic.”

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