A pregnant woman, who has suffered a series of complications criticised the strike by junior doctors for putting people’s lives at risk.

HR worker Christa, 38, who is expecting her first child, said key workers such not strike.

Christa, whose due date is in five weeks, had an appointment today to find out whether she should have an early delivery after a series of complications throughout her pregnancy.

But yesterday teatime she was told by St Thomas’ her usual doctor would not be available but they would try and find another doctor to see her.

Christa, who was born in Lithuania but is now a British citizen, said: “I got a call at about 5pm yesterday saying the doctor who I was supposed to see would not be available.

“They said this was exceptional because of the doctors’ strike.

“They told me to come in about 8:30am to see if any other doctors were available and luckily someone was and I was seen almost immediately.

“I saw the doctor and it turns out I do have to have the baby early – the week after next.

“I have another appointment in the afternoon with a physio this afternoon but that should run on time.

“I have had a series of complications during my pregnancy.

“I’ll find out next week if I will be induced or have a caesarian.”

Christa added: “I just think everyone would prefer them not to be on strike.

“At my last job, I was working across different time zones, so would work long hours regularly.

“I don’t know the full details about the strike, but at the same time, the fact is a lot of us work long hours.

“And the fact that people’s lives are being put at risk is bad.

“In other countries I have worked in, people like firefighters, who work in industries like that, don’t strike.”

Christa, who is expecting a little girl said she would be ‘relieved’ be a mum.

SNP health spokesperson Dr Philippa Whitford who came to the picket line accused Jeremy Hunt of avoiding talks but stopped short of calling for his resignation.

The Central Ayrshire MP said: “I’m really sad. I was sad on the first strike and I’m really sad to see an all-out strike.

“We have been trying to get Hunt to come back to talking.

“If there had been a power workers’ strike and a black out then he would have come out today.”

Dr Whitford also claimed Jeremy Hunt had ‘misused statistics’ and had not cooperated in talks for ‘five weeks’.

Dr Whitford said: “I wonder about his long term future.

“He has lost the support of the profession and you need to communicate with them.

“I wouldn’t be calling on him to resign at the moment.

“What’s the point of having someone walk away from a mess? He needs to talk.”

Dr Whitford added: “The junior doctors are doing this between eight and five because it’s easier to get consultants to cover for them.

“I don’t think there will be a sustained strike because they will have already have found it difficult enough to get cover for this one.”

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