Sweltering nursery pupils had to stay in on the hottest day of the year after mindless vandals trashed their garden.

Kids at the Molendinar Learning Centre in north east Glasgow were forced to stay inside on Monday while the city experienced temperatures of at least 21 degrees – the hottest day in May since 2012.

The yobs entered the garden over the weekend, wrecking playthings and causing hundreds of pounds of damage.

Thugs left broken wine and cider bottles strewn all over the children’s sensory garden and destroyed their wooden story telling hut which staff say will now have to be demolished.

Allyson Murray, head of the centre, said: “It’s completely mindless vandalism.

“They have a wee fire pit barbecue in the sensory garden which they have broken, it cost more than £1000.

“They smashed our plant pots, scattered the soil all over the place, they’ve chucked sand from the sand pit everywhere.

“We were given a £10,000 Big Lottery grant which has just gone to waste.

“I’m going to have to get the hut demolished now, and the kids can’t get access to the outdoors with the good weather

“We’ve contacted local councillors before but we need a high security fence and CCTV.
“We’re wide open, anyone can walk in here.”

The vandalism took place just a month after nearby St Philomena’s Primary School was targeted by firebugs who set a classroom alight.

A memorial set up for Glasgow bin lorry crash victim Stephenie Tait, a former teacher at the school, was also damaged in the fire.

Staff said they had been left distraught at the damage, which has happened numerous times over the past few years.

Parent Bobi Tierney, whose twin boys go to St Philomena’s and her three-year-old son goes to the nursery, said: “The nursery has been vandalised, you can’t even count the number of times.

“The kids won’t get out to play as they’ve caused that much damage.

“When there is good weather, the gardens of the school and nursery seem to be getting trashed.

“The memorial for Miss Tait was also damaged last month, it’s disgusting.
“Something needs to be done.”

Around £16,000 worth of damage has been caused at the facility on Craighead Avenue in the last three years, according to staff.

Bailie Liz Cameron, Executive Member for Children, Young People & Lifelong Learning said: “Once again our staff are having to pick up the pieces after mindless vandals – do they not realise the affect they are having on the children’s learning?

“What possible satisfaction can these people get from destroying a nursery garden – it is so pointless and a drain of everyone’s resources.

“If anyone in the local community knows who is targeting the family learning centre then I would urge them to contact their local police office.

“This has to stop.”

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