A vile rapist who sexually abused three young girls has been jailed for 23 years as one of his victims bravely faced him in court to brand him “a monster”.

Twisted Steven Green, 45, was convicted of a string of sickening sex attacks on three youngsters – one from the age of seven.

On Monday (25/4) he was found guilty of 23 counts of child abuse, including three rapes at Derby Crown Court.

One of his victims, aged in her 20s, was in court to face her abuser and stood up to tell him through tears: “You are a monster.

“I know you need to be behind bars for a long time because you are the most dangerous person I know.

“The truth is, what you did to me destroyed me. You took everything from me.

“You took my childhood, you took my innocence, you took my confidence from me. I spent my life having to keep this dirty secret.”

But before sitting down, the woman told Green she FORGAVE him for what he had done.

In an emotional statement, she added: “I forgive you. I forgive you for all those years of abuse.

“I forgive you for all the years you made me feel I deserved what you were doing.

“I forgive you for all the lies you’ve told to and about me – because forgiveness is nothing to do with absolving you of your crime but is everything to do with relieving myself of the burden of being a victim, letting go of the pain and transforming myself from victim to survivor.

“I hope that you will, some day, be honest to yourself and be able to admit what you are and what you have done because it’s an illness you have.

“Just sadly an illness you allowed to become you and define who you are, when you should have got help and that’s what you’ve got to live with.”

The court heard his first victim was just seven-years-old when the abuse began and had told the girl she could not tell anyone because no-one would believe her.

The second victim was aged 15 when she was attacked by Green, who appeared in court via video link from Nottingham Prison.

The girl had been very drunk at the time and she recalled “coming round” while lying on the floor and Green had been on top of her.

The court heard she asked “What are you doing?” and he had jumped off before emotionally blackmailed her and told her he loved her.

The third victim was aged 13 and 14 when she was abused by Green who “made her feel important” and had taken advantage of her vulnerability.

Sentencing Judge Jonathan Bennett said: “You were convicted of 23 offences of a sexual nature against three complainants – two very young complainants.”

Green, of Derby, will serve a minimum of two thirds of the 23 year sentence, but will only be released when the Parole Board considers he is no longer a danger to children.

The judge imposed an extended licence period, which last until 2044.

Following the hearing, Detective Constable Dan Burns, from Derbyshire Police, said the first victim had reported the abuse in 2013.

He said: “It’s taken a lot of investigation but all the victims have shown great resolve through all the time it’s been investigated and put through the court, ultimately, with them all having given evidence at trial.

“It has resulted in a substantial sentence for a man who the judge has described as dangerous, and we hope this will give some comfort and closure to the victims, who were very young girls when the offences were committed against them.

“Derbyshire police has specially trained officers who investigate these very serious offences and to support people who wish to come forward to report them.”

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