The families of an off-duty police officer and his boyfriend who died when they plunged 13ft into a construction site today said their lives have been destroyed by the tragedy.

British Transport Police Constable, Gavin Brewer, 32, and his boyfriend Stuart Meads, 34, who had worked on BBC quiz show The Weakest Link, were walking home when got into an argument.

They fell onto hoardings near Euston station which colleapsed and the pair plunged into a light well that was left unprotected by a construction company building eight flats.

Monovan Construction Ltd were charged with corporate manslaughter and neglecting health and safety on the site.

Directors Michael McGowan and brother Ian face a civil claim of more than £99,000 from the Health and Safety Executive to cover their costs as well as costs of more than £23,000 from the Crown Prosecution service.

In a statement to the OLd Bailey, Stuart Meads’ father said: “The first anniversaries, Christmas and birthdays are the worst time and more than two-and-a-half years later my wife and I feel as raw today at at the time.

“I will always hear a piece of music, see a t-shirt he might have worn or a TV programme will remind me of him and it all comes flooding back.

“No family gathering will be complete without him, he always had a story to tell and joke. He offered his family such great support and help.

“It was not until his funeral that I realised how he had touched the lives of so many others.

“The last time I saw Stuart he was very happy and had so much to offer, he was a talented musician. They were about to work on another album when he died.

“No parent should have to bury their child and we didn’t get a chance to day goodbye. The sight of seeing him lying in the coffin in something I will never forget.”

Marien Brewer (corr), mum of Gavin, said: “My beautiful son Gavin died in horrific circumstances. My life was perfect until that fateful day. I thought ‘It isn’t true, it can’t possibly be true.’

“My family was destroyed that day and I have to be strong for my family. I put my life on hold.

“I can’t believe I’ll never hear my son’s silly jokes or get a text from him at 2am in the morning saying ‘I love you mum’.

“He was the best son I could ask for, he loved his job and cared for his family and friends.

“To this day I expect him to walk thought the door and say ‘hi mum’, but I know he can’t because I’ve seen his mangled body and his skull crushed, I could not believe it was my son Gavin.

“He had his whole life ahead of him and was about to take his sergeants exam. He loved his life and family very much.

“My son, my life, my love, gone in a breath.

“His brother cannot talk or come to terms with what has happened, he has just shut down.

“I will not let anger become part of my life, it can destroy families.”

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