Scots flocked to the beach yesterday (Wed) as they made the most of the hot weather.

The sun was shining once again as the country continued to feel the effects of the heatwave.

Temperatures hit 22 degrees in some places, while the skies remained fairly cloud-free.

Ayr beach was brimming with sun worshippers, many of whom had travelled to the beauty spot from outside the town.

Most sunbathed, while others took a splash in the slightly chilly water and a few indulged in some water sports.

Emily Lang, 16, Rebecca Prentice, 16, and Iona Johnston, 17, all from Hamilton College, in South Lanarkshire, were making the most of the hot spell.

Rebecca said: “It was suppose to be really warm so we thought it would be something different to do.

“We’ve got study leave and have just finished exams and have a week before we have to go back.

“If it stays nice we’ll probably come back. This weather doesn’t happen very often.”

Rachael Ranson, 24, had brought her daughter Keeva to the beach for the first time.

She had travelled from Glasgow with her 18 month old for the day.

The young mum said: “I’m giving her the experience of the beach.

“We’re going on holiday next week to Spain so I wanted her to try out the beach.

“I think she’s a bit scared of the sand but when we leave she’ll be loving it.

“It’s such a lovely day.”

Alana Boggan, 18, had travelled from Bonnybridge, Falkirk to go to the beach with friends.

The accounting student said: “The good weather made us come to the beach. Ayr is the easiest place to get to and the weather was meant to be good.

“It’s better weather here just now than in Bulgaria where I’m going on holiday.”

And Anne Kane, 65, had taken her dogs, Boone and Shug out for the day.

The retired charity worker from Glasgow said: “This weather is wonderful.

“We hope it lasts as we’re going to Arran for three weeks on Friday.

“The dogs are really enjoying the weather.”

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