Five reasons kids love bunk beds

Five reasons kids love bunk beds

For parents, choosing kids’ bunk beds is often a no brainer, especially when your child has a small bedroom or if your children are sharing a room. However, kids really love the fun of bunk beds too, so if you haven’t considered them before, take a look at some of the reasons bunk beds are a hit with kids…

More space to play

Adults instantly see the benefits of the space saving bunk beds, especially in small bedrooms, but for kids, this just means more room to play! It’s healthy for children to enjoy their own space, and if their bedroom has more space to play and hang out with friends, they are far more likely to want to spend time in their room.

Every night is a sleepover!

It’s easy to assume children will hate having to share a room and bunk beds with a sibling. In reality, it will encourage them to have a closer bond, learn positive habits such as sharing and every night is like a fun sleepover. Plus, lots of bunk beds have either a built-in trundle bed or room underneath to store an additional mattress or sleeping bag, making having another friend stay over a breeze!

Independence and privacy in a shared room

Bunk beds also offer a more private space in a shared room than two single beds side by side, which is key for children when they might want a space to read or do homework on their own. Bunk beds also provide much greater flexibility for siblings sharing rooms; for example, it’s easy to attach individual lights to each bunk, so if one child wants to read whilst the other sleeps, no one gets disturbed – win-win!

Amazing designs

Bunk beds have come a long way and there are some fantastic designs out there. What child wouldn’t want to sleep in a pirate ship or a princess castle?! Encouraging your child to be involved in choosing the design of their bunk bed to match their room will help them enjoy it even more.

Clever storage = more toys and books

As well as saving floor space, lots of bunk beds come with fantastic additional storage to keep your child’s favourite books and toys, meaning they can fit more into their room without taking up cupboard or floor space! In small rooms, it can be hard to add decorative touches that help give a child’s room character, so by having more space for the essentials, their bedroom can really come to life and become a space that reflects their personality and interests. For single children with small bedrooms, cabin beds also offer brilliant storage solutions even if they haven’t got to give up their space to another sibling. Some smart cabin bed designs have a table, chairs and shelves underneath the top bunk, and can still be easily converted into another bed for sleepovers with friends.

The bunk bed can grow with them

Some children can feel bunk beds are babyish as they get older, but it’s not always financially possible for parents to invest in two new beds when children feel they have grown out of their bunk beds. One of the real perks of some kids’ bunk beds is they can cleverly be separated into two single beds as the children get older. It’s also a huge benefit if you move to a house with more bedrooms, as you don’t have to spend on a whole new set of beds.

If you’re considering buying bunk beds for your children, take a look at some of the brilliant designs we have on offer.

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