How to professionally clean a pet owners house?

How to professionally clean a pet owners house?

Pet owners understand the challenges of keeping a clean house.

Homes with pets require specialised care and thorough cleaning to address hair, smells, fleas, mud and several other common issues. A clean home will ensure the health of the household members, both human and animal.

Health implications associated with pet ownership can include allergies, sneezing, frequent respiratory infections, frequent viruses and colds and more. Treating and medicating these conditions can be costly and severely disrupt a client’s health. Prolonged or repeated antibiotic usage has been linked to a weakened immune system. It is much easier to simply keep the house in good order by eliminating dust and pet hair the second they pop up. Professional cleaners on a regular schedule will be able to do routine cleaning and have the equipment/knowledge to make sure the home is clean and safe.

As a professional cleaner you have the knowledge, experience and equipment to properly disinfect houses and neutralise odours. Before getting started on protecting your client’s property make sure you are protecting your own business and workers. Public Liability insurance is essential in making sure you don’t have unnecessary risks and protection in the event of an accident. Check out Public Liability Australia to generate hassle free quote for your business. All you have to do is answer a few short questions and you’ll have your policy in your inbox in minutes.

It goes without saying that pet’s urine and faeces should be cleaned up immediately. If left unchecked, urine and faeces can leave permanent smells and stains. Smells and stains can affect flooring and hard surfaces. They can also ruin expensive carpets, couches, curtains and sheets. Even worse, urine and faeces provide the perfect breeding grounds for harmful pathogens. When cleaning up stains made from pet waste it’s important to also disinfect the area with an antibacterial surface spray.

Prevention by the client is also key. Inform the client if the pets are making messes in the house regularly. The client will be able to focus on toilet training their pet while they are still young. Puppies should be taught to go outside if you have a yard, or to hold on until they are walked. Kittens should be given a designated place to go, such as a kitty litter located in the bathroom, laundry or yard. This will prevent messes from happening in the first place.

Accidents can and do happen. A savvy pet owner will always have stain-remover and an odour-neutralising product at hand. These can be purchased at your local supermarket, hardware store and pet supplies store. However, a professional cleaner should have higher grade cleaners, steam cleaners and other tools that are more effective at deep cleaning.  If the client requests more environmentally friendly options you can opt for boric acid, white vinegar or even baking soda to eliminate smells and disinfect.

Many cleaning clients are opting for lifestyle based around natural or environmentally friendly products and services. There are environmentally friendly ways to keep a client’s house sanitised in the long term include using diluted tea tree or eucalyptus oil. The great thing about natural cleaning products is that they don’t smell as harsh as commercial cleaning products and may be less likely to trigger allergic reactions. They also have many uses around the house. Make sure to offer these options to potential clients, this could be added as an additional cost as a specialist service.

We all know that most cats and dogs shed hair which gets caught on carpets and soft furnishings. A regular vacuum cleaner may get your house looking great but there will probably still be hairs embedded in the fibres of your carpet. A turbo vacuum or upright vacuum with a brush and vac motor will do a much more thorough job of removing pet hair from soft furnishings, couches and carpets. Mechanical brushes or even steam cleaners may be necessary to get ingrained hairs out of surfaces.

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