The most ridiculous laws on gaming

The most ridiculous laws on gaming

The first gaming halls appeared on the Internet many years ago. Since then, this industry is developing rapidly and is not going to stop. Every day we read news about new providers and casinos that offer new entertainment, bonuses, etc. But despite such success, even the most popular casino brands, like Intertops Casino, face various prohibitions and difficulties. Not all countries are ready to accept the terms of gambling industry or improve it. As a result, governments impose different norms and laws. Often, it comes to the point of absurdity. In this article, we propose to consider the most ridiculous laws in the gambling world.


Residents of this continent prefer traditional European entertainment. English Premier League bets are the most popular. African games love excitement and sometimes they have no boundaries. According to DailyMail, Henry Dhabasani made an unusual bet on the Arsenal – Man.United match in 2013. The Ugandan man was confident that Arsenal would win the match and he even bet his two-bedroom house. Now, the man is homeless.

At the same time, a fan of Man.United staked his wife and her car on a victory of this team.

The laws of Africa allow the locals to bet on their wives, children and other relatives. By the way, it is very popular here. If you are tired of your wife or you are a fan of Man United, then come to Africa!


In 2002, the government passed a law that prohibited virtual gaming rooms. But in late 2003, officials decided to revise this law and introduce a few additions. The updated law forbade people from Greece to play video games in public places. This law also extended to online chess and Playstation, of course. We think that the Greek government has taken too strict (ridiculous) measures against gambling.

Residents of Greece also do not understand why the government of their country has given a license only to OAPR (bookmaker’s office). There are many popular online casino brands that would like to operate in this country, but unfortunately, they cannot get a license for a number of ridiculous reasons.


This is a modern country that takes care of its inhabitants and fans of virtual gambling. Someone can say that this country adopts only important and necessary laws. This is true, but we found one “funny” law. According to this law, you cannot get the winnings for a horse racing bet. First, you need to solve a complex math problem. In this case, you can prove that you won thanks to the strategy and mathematical algorithms.

Did you know that the representatives of the French colony used an unusual currency in the territory of modern Canada? So, cards were their currency until 1763. Gambling and live casino sites have always been popular in this country.

Great Britain

It is no secret that England is the birthplace of various gambling entertainment. But despite this, such games are prohibited in the country. However, some gamers know ways to circumvent these laws. For this, you only need to join the London “The Clermont Club” club. The gambling ban law does not apply to this elite club. To play prohibited slot machines, the player needs to buy a membership card at the casino. This process will take 2 minutes and you will get access to the games for 24 hours.


In 2010, the Australian Government obliged players to enter cash limits before the gaming session. But ClubsNSW corporations and Australian Hotels Associations opposed this “ridiculous” law and even conducted a large-scale campaign that cost about $ 20 million. After 13 months, this law was repealed and gamers got rid of monetary limits.

Australians love this kind of entertainment. There is also a law prohibiting the use of headphones during the game so that the gambler does not lose touch with reality.


This is a beautiful country with a unique color and gambling laws that differ in all states:

1) In Oklahoma, players cannot use the “3 cards” scheme. Officials made several amendments to this law, according to which, employees of railway stations and conductors should be monitored so that this scheme is not used by anyone on the train or in the station area.

2) If you decide to bet money (at least 0.50 cents) somewhere in a cafe/restaurant/shop in Ohio, then local authorities will sentence you and your partner to jail. Ridiculous law, right?

3) Washington. In 2006, this state became the first, where fans of virtual gambling were recognized as criminals. All users who talk about casino games and give advice on the Internet, are violators. We do not know why the state introduced this law. By the way, no one violator was detained … no comments.

4) But these are not the most ridiculous laws, because in New Jersey, players can “punish” themselves. How does this law work? Any user can block his/her account/s in the online casino. The player can also determine the period of this lock (from 1 to 5 years). But if you canceled the blocking ahead of time, then all the money you won will be sent to the country’s budget.

5) All Maine residents cannot win more than $3 per day.

6) New Hampshire. Perhaps there were such cases, but in this state, players are forbidden to pay for casino bets with clothes.

7) There is another ridiculous law that operates in several states of America. Thanks to this law, the loser can sue the winner in order to receive monetary compensation. But the state authorities decided to adopt several amendments and now, any casino visitor can sue the winner.

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