4 Reasons FootStock May Be the Best Football Betting Platform for You

4 Reasons FootStock May Be the Best Football Betting Platform for You

FootStock is a virtual football betting platform that brings together football stock trading, fantasy football, virtual trading cards, and traditional gambling. It’s fairly new to the football betting scene as it was launched just April of 2019, but it started out at the best time possible. The lack of actual tournaments due to the ongoing pandemic, plus FootStock’s brilliant idea to launch virtual tournaments, has attracted a good number of new players to the platform.

Setting itself apart from other sites that focus on football betting, FootStock focuses on fantasy football. FootStock is somewhat similar to the football stock market Football Index, but its main concept revolves around player cards, which the users can collect or trade with other users in the platform.

If you’re looking for ways to indulge the football fanatic in you while cooped up at home, then FootStock has you covered. But then again, there’s no need to feel like this fantasy football betting platform is your only option at the moment because no actual matches are taking place. It’s entirely possible that FootStock has all the qualities you want in a football betting platform. Here are a few signs that you’ll love being a trader on FootStock: 

You Appreciate Football in All Its Forms

There’s nothing like watching your favourite team live at the stadium, but you’re up for any activity that allows you to indulge in the sport. You can see yourself having fun while participating in a friendly match against your family members or proving to the strangers on the internet that you’re the best couch coach in your fantasy league. Trading on FootStock is one of the many ways you can enjoy football, but it ups the ante by giving you different means to win money. You can buy player cards on the platform, enter tournaments, or gamble at the casino using your deck of player cards.

Youre into Trading Cards

To trade on FootStock, you’ll need to use your player cards. You’ll be given a deck with initial cards and additional credit upon signing up. The player cards can be bought and sold, and you can use the supply and demand level for a particular player card to set your buy or sell price. If you want to add new cards to your deck, you can trade or you can buy card packs that contain random players. These card packs are priced differently, and higher quality packs are more likely to contain better quality player cards. If you don’t want a card in your portfolio, you can sell it in the marketplace on FootStock. Use a Footstock signup offer when you create an account on the platform so that you can get additional funds to buy a new deck of cards.

You Want to Start Winning as Early as Possible

Now, joining a new betting platform means getting used to a new environment and interface, and this can be intimidating for many traders. FootStock makes it easy by adopting trading card rules, which is something that many sports fans are already quite familiar with. Fantasy football is also a familiar concept to many football fanatics, so it will be a breeze for them to join one of the many tournaments that are taking place in the platform. Finally, FootStock shares many similarities with older betting platforms like Football Index, so those who have tried FI before will be joining the FootStock community with a good idea of how the platform works. You can spend less time studying the basics and immediately get to the part where you start playing, trading, and winning.

You Want to Join a Betting Platform That Offers Options for All Price Points

Take note that there are 3 card pack tiers in the platform: gold, silver, and bronze. Each tier is priced differently, and the more expensive a pack is, the better the chance that it will contain player cards with more stars, which are considerably rarer. Player cards can have anywhere from 1 star, which is the basic level, to 5 star, which is considered legendary. Players with higher stars can only be used in pro fantasy football tournaments, while basic cards can be used in just about any tournament. This system ensures that traders and users belonging to every budget level will have a great time using the platform.

Getting Started

The FootStock community is still a growing one, but it’s here to stay. Now is the perfect time to join the platform’s growing number of users and find another way of expressing your passion for the beautiful game. Get started by downloading the FootStock app on your phone, creating an account, using all the freebies you can get your hands on while you’re at it, and exploring the different ways that the platform can add to your enjoyment of this beloved sport.

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