5 Great Things about the Football Index’s New 2020–2021 Dividend Table

5 Great Things about the Football Index’s New 2020–2021 Dividend Table

Some great news is afoot for the dedicated bettors on the football trading platform Football Index. Football Index will be rolling out an updated dividend table for 2020–2021. In spite of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the platform has been able to maintain a solid trajectory of growth. And as per the official message of founder and CEO Adam Cole, every penny earned by Football Index is pooled into improving the platform.

The consequences of such growth are more handsome rewards for traders on their Media Day, Match Day, In-Play, and Team of the Month dividends. There’s no better time than now to be involved on the platform, to build your dream portfolio of footballers, and to reap dividends from your love of the sport. Consider getting an exclusive Football Index referral code from a site like Football Index Code. You stand to receive £20 in credit when you sign up using this code and bet at least £40 in player shares upon joining.

Want to know what dividends you’ll be able to receive from the live Football action? Here’s a breakdown of all the details on Football Index’s new 2020–2021 dividend table.

At a Glance: A Momentous 100% Increase in Monthly Dividend Payouts

According to Football Index’s projections, bettors with existing portfolios can expect an increase of up to 100% in their monthly payouts compared to last season. This is inclusive of the forecasting for Team of the Month, as well as Goalkeepers. The increase is one that Football Index’s accountants regard as generous and sensible, given the current climate of the pandemic and its impact on football.

Major Gains on Media Day

The prospect of Media Day payouts is always exciting on Football Index. But now it’s even more of a thrill to keep one’s eyes on footballing news. In Football Index’s new dividends table, Media Day payouts received the top priority. Traders can expect a large boost of 33% as compared to last season’s Media Day payouts. The increase goes up even further—a whopping 67%—when it’s Match Day.

Even Better Rewards for Match Day

Traders also expect higher payouts come Match Day. Compared to November 2019, Football Index’s new dividends for Forwards, Midfielders, and Defenders increased by 100% on Bronze and Silver Match Days and by 75% on Gold Match Days. These rates are inclusive of the Media Day and Goalkeeper dividends.

Doubled In-Play Dividends

In-Play dividends, which are among Football Index traders’ favourite features, have also increased by double, or a solid 100%. From December 9 onwards, traders may receive 10p per Forward or Midfielder goal and 20p per Defender or Goalkeeper goal. There will also be a payout of 10p per assist, as well 10p for a clean sheet on the part of the Goalkeeper. It is worth noting that in-play dividends are only paid out for the first 30 days of holding a share in a player.

Proof of Football Index’s Responsiveness to Its Traders

Overall, one of the best things that can be gleaned from Football Index’s new dividend table is the platform’s renewed commitment to its traders. Cole promises better things in store for Football Index in terms of its capabilities, its scale, and its reliability to its current users. Though the changes weren’t easy to implement, Football Index remains focused on its growth in the coming football seasons.

Stay Tuned to Football Index and Developments on the Worlds Best-Loved Sport

As Football Index has shown in its improved dividends table, the betting platform will continue to grow for love of the game. Traders can remain hopeful about their interest in the sport and what the world’s top athletes will show for them come the Premier League. Sign up using a Football Index referral code and keep tabs on the most promising shares!

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