With cryptocurrency gaining more popularity every day, there has been a shift towards putting money into cryptocurrency. If you’re looking for a way to do this, then you can explore either investing or trading. Depending on what your aim is and the outcome you want, you can either invest if you’re looking for long-term benefits or you can trade if you want instant results. When it comes to trading, vigilance is a key factor that you need to keep in mind and finding the right software for trading is absolutely essential. Here is what you need to know about bitcoin trading and the features you need to look for in the platform through which your trade.


Being the first digital currency, bitcoin gained everyone’s attention within a very short span of time. Ever since its launch, people have devoted hours trying to make the most out of it. Since it’s a decentralized currency, bitcoin enjoys the luxury of not being regulated by any authoritarian bodies, which means that it won’t be influenced by fluctuations in most economic indicators. However, this doesn’t mean that bitcoin is prone to price changes and is shielded from any and all economic and legal activities.

Bitcoin Era was designed as a trading platform, aimed at providing convenience and innovation under the same roof. The goal was to help clients by connecting them to the relevant exchange with then helps them proceed with the trading process. The features of these platforms differ and some have the tendency to appear more advanced while others are targeted towards simplifying the trading process. When you’re trading bitcoin, the following are certain features that you should look for before opting for a platform:


First and foremost, the cost associated with trading of bitcoin should be evaluated carefully. This includes the cost of downloading the app, making transactions i.e., deposits and withdrawals, registration fees etc. The lesser the cost, the more feasible it is. For instance, if a trading platform offers all of the above-mentioned features for free then 100% of your profits and earnings will go into your account and won’t be subjected to any deductions.


When it comes to trading, clients are usually given the option of either downloading the software, installing the app or using the web-based version. The latter option is the most convenient since clients don’t have to go through the tedious process of installing the software on their device. An ideal web-based platform would be one that is compatible with all devices and supports trading on the go.


The success rate is one of the key attributes to consider. A platform’s history of a good success rate will automatically reflect in its credibility and expertise. Therefore, it is essential to choose a platform with a high percentage accuracy as this determines the consistency of your profits. A platform with a poor success rate will lead to inconsistent profits and can be detrimental for your financial goals.


If you’re new to trading in the cryptocurrency market then a good idea would be to gain some experience beforehand. However, practicing in the real market isn’t ideal as it exposes the client to risk. In order to tackle this, some platforms offer a demo account where clients can safely gain the necessary experience, learn how to maneuver their way through tricky situations and what trading strategies need to be applied.


Regardless of the firm you choose, each platform will have a certain set of drawbacks. The goal is to shortlist one that ticks most of the boxes on your list. Your list could comprise of live trading and auto-trading, demo trading, a strong backend, security, smooth trade execution and various other things.

This is where Bitcoin Era steps in and proves itself to the right fit since all the points mentioned above come under its strengths. Bitcoin Era has created an automated trading platform that assists in the fulfillment of your financial goals while providing the best customer experience and an excellent customer support team. Bitcoin Era has devised their platform in such a way that it is ideal for both, novice and expert trades, and promises a consistent stream of profits that keeps you motivated to stay in the game.

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