When we talk about digital currency, the first name that pops in our head is bitcoin. Bitcoins have been around for over a decade and have quickly dominated the market. The decentralization of digital currency means that users of digital currency enjoy economic freedom and don’t have to subject themselves to the rigorous rules and regulations that are attached with the usage of money.

Bitcoins were the first digital currency that were introduced to the market and then others like Ethereum, Litecoin, Polkadot and several others made their way to the market. The economic freedom accompanied with digital currency is one of the main reasons behind the popularity it has achieved. In this article we will discuss about what digital currency is and its applications in the virtual and real world.


With the current market situation, economic freedom can play an essential part in reducing poverty and escalating the pace of innovation. There are a lot of perks attached with economic freedom and dictates the ease with which people can enter the market. Some features of economic freedom include deciding the ease with which businesses can be setup and start functioning, determining where property rights lie and regulating the work force and business activities.

However, when we talk about the perks that are attached with economic freedom achieved through digital currency, the list is even longer. Economic freedom has the following advantages:

  1. Allows free trading with other parts of the world
  2. Due to the low impact that economic factors like inflation have on digital currency, there is more stability
  3. Provides better income
  4. There is more environmental protection since all business activities are carried out over a virtual platform
  5. The number of conflicts that arise are significantly lowered
  6. Chances of corruption and bribery are reduced


With the shift towards modern day technology, it is becoming easier to channel your entire business through online platforms. By incorporating digital currency into your business, you can ensure reduced friction in your operations. Operating through digital currency is also highly beneficial since the smooth executions help in global expansion.

Storing of digital money is more secure as compared any other currency and this encourages people to shift towards digital currencies since it eliminates financial intermediaries from the equation and people have full control over their money. The barriers that usually exist in trading are subsequently lowered during digital trading as more people are allowed to interact with each other through digital platforms.

Digital currency doesn’t always require lawyers or authorized personnel for the issuance and signing of contracts, thus making it more affordable for people to enter the market. Another plus factor of digital currency is that due to its slightly prone attitude towards economic events like inflation, recession etc., it is considered to be more stable than other currencies and it is estimated that in the future, digital currencies will be more stable than 180+ flat currencies.

Since digital currency has reduced the involvement of banks and other institutions, the amount of bribery and corruption has also been lowered since the currency is passing through fewer hands and people themselves are in control of their money.


Despite the rigid nature of the economy, a shift towards economic freedom is difficult and can only be achieved gradually. Through this article, we can safely conclude that the incorporation of digital currency into markets is one of the keys to achieving economic freedom. It can be considered as a meta problem and the use of digital currency can be seen as the domino effect that solves one problem after the other.

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