10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing Every Business Owner Must Know

10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing Every Business Owner Must Know

It’s clear to see that any king of social media marketing is a definitive factor to any successful marketing strategy. However, social media marketing is challenging for many brands to understand how to navigate the online world. 

According to a survey by Blue Fountain Media, 90% of marketers state that social media generated huge exposure for their brand. This means that social media is an immense part of any marketing strategy, whether it be more social media agencies or brands. The benefits of using social media is substantial and cost-effective, meaning any brand who doesn’t invest in it is missing a clear opportunity. To help get rid of any uncertainties you may have about social media marketing, we’ve outlined the top 10 benefits every business should know before thinking about their digital marketing strategy… 

  1. Buzz and Brand Awareness 

Social media is one of the easiest tools to conduct a cost-effective marketing strategy, with the help of content that guarantees an increase in a brands’ online presence. A social media agency will help open your brand up to a wider audience that it had before, and once you start engaging with others, your online reputation will start to increase. Increased online exposure has the potential to create new customer leads, and therefore potential to generate conversion. Social media algorithms can quickly boost your profile even if your page has little followers or engagement, and once you have a presence online, your buzz has the potential to increase very quickly. Online audiences often interlink and interact with each other, which is why brand awareness online is an endless opportunity. 

  1. Traffic Increase 

Without social media, your online traffic is pretty limited. Inbound traffic on your social media profile or website can lead to conversions. Social media is the perfect tool to reach audiences outside your current one. Think of every piece of content you post as a potential to attain a new customer. Social media is an endless world with different types of people with different types of backgrounds, so creating as much content as possible allows a variety of different audiences around the world to reach your business. 

  1. Improved Search Engine Ranking 

Posting on social media is the first step in social media marketing, however, to see real success it’s important to invest time into search engine optimization. Social media doesn’t necessarily increase SEO ranking, however, those who use social media see more long-term progress in rankings than those who don’t. Keywords can completely change your online business, whether that be through infographics, case studies, general business information. Fusing content with targeted keywords is the perfect way to build a social media community where followers have the option to share your content. This also makes for the perfect opportunity to be put in front of industry experts and influencers who may be interested in promoting your brand. 

  1. Higher Conversions 

Once you achieve an increased online presence, your brand opens itself up to more opportunities for conversions. Every piece of content you post has the potential to lead to an increase in sales, which means that content makes for a great advertiser. This gives your brand a sense of personalisation as well. The more personable the impression you make on visitors to your social media, the more likely they are to remember your brand for any future purchases. This is why it’s key to ensure your brand is joining the variety of pre-existing conversations that are already happening online. Mentions are a huge part of social media marketing. This is why it’s key to put your brand into an online atmosphere where people are already engaging. 

  1. Stronger Customer Service 

Ensuring your brand has a voice on social media is the perfect way to strengthen customer relationships this is where a renowned social media agency plays an important role. Your customers will be pleased to know that your brand responds to their comments or questions. This shows you care about your community, and want to improve their experiences with your brand. 

  1. Building a Loyal Customer Base

To go hand in hand with customer satisfaction, building a loyal customer base is also a major benefit that a social media marketing agency provides. Social media is not limited to making first impressions, customer’s can actually communicate directly with brands. This is especially important if your target audience are within the millennial generation. Technology has allowed social media marketing to be some of the most influential to the modern consumer. 

  1. Brand Authenticity and Authority 

When it comes to online communication, customers will judge how your brand is posting on social media for credibility. This means that it is important to ensure that you answer all customer questions and interact with as many customers as possible. The more credibility you build online, the more likely a customer will spread word about your brand. Word of mouth marketing on social media is extremely beneficial, and builds a sense of authority for people who have just visited your page. Allowing your own customers advertise your brand is one of the many keys to social media marketing. 

  1. Fits into any budget 

Social media marketing is very cost-effective. Most social media platforms are free to sign up to, and paid promotions are usually low cost compared to traditional marketing tactics. This means that your brand will have more opportunity to see higher ROI because business expenses will be lower. A small amount of money can go a long way online. 

  1. Insights Within Your Industry

Social media marketing allows you to gain a unique sense of insight within your own market. This means, you can see what the needs of your consumer are simply through asking them or reading their own discussions. Monitoring activities within your own community is a really useful research tool that will help your brand build information and data that can be kept and added to for years. Not to mention, you can also analyze your statistics and demographics of your own profile. 

  1.  Become an Expert 

Posting the right content at the right time is a great way to really create a sense of leadership for your brand within your own marketplace. Becoming a leader in your own niche will not happen overnight, and requires tools like social media marketing and strategising. Aligning your social media strategy with your other marketing efforts and business goals will create a clear sense of direction when thinking of your brand messaging. Connecting with your own followers and consumers directly is the best way to become an expert in your field, who people will turn to and relate to. 

In conclusion, social media marketing and investing in a social media agency has many advantages. Consistency in posting content is key, and building an online profile if you haven’t already is a good pace to start. From there, your brand’s buzz will only grow. There are almost no reasons at all as to why you should not market on social media, as there is nothing to lose. 

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