The home decor brand making decorating sustainable.

The home decor brand making decorating sustainable.

There has never been a time when sustainability has mattered more to consumers than now. A reported 77% said they would change their purchasing habits to help reduce the negative impact on the environment. And with the fashion industry currently under the spotlight, it was only a matter of time until the eco-conscious consumer came for the world of interiors. 

Fortunately, Lick was one step ahead. Launched in 2020, Lick is a new sustainable home decor brand, specialising in eco-friendly paints, wallpapers, blinds and decorating supplies. According to their co-founder and CEO, Lucas London, “At Lick, we are more than just committed to reducing our environmental impact: it is at the forefront of what we do”. According to London, their aim is to influence the global interiors industry’s environmental footprint for the better. And that’s precisely what they’re doing. 

The market disruptors to watch, Lick remains unwavering in its sustainability mission. Decorating can be a messy business, not just in the home but for the planet, too. Unlike other global goliaths, who’ve had to change their environmental policies retroactively, Lick implemented them from the beginning. Sustainability was their MO from the get-go.

Not only are all of their products manufactured to the highest eco standards (more on that later) they have pledged to give back as they grow. By partnering with leading environmental charities 4ocean and One Tree Planted, Lick has promised to remove 18g of plastic from the planet’s oceans for every tin of paint sold and plant a tree for every pair of blinds or roll of wallpaper they sell. To date, they are responsible for clearing 11,025 kg of plastic from our seas and planting over 5000 trees – and counting. That’s equivalent to 122,504 plastic water bottles and 72 football pitches. But it’s not enough to simply align your company with a charity and call it sustainable. From the beginning of manufacturing to their delivery methods, Lick aims to get their product to their customers by the most sustainable means possible.

Their first product launch was their range of low VOC, water-based paints. Low VOC, or low in volatile organic compounds, in layman’s terms means it emits fewer fumes and potentially harmful chemicals. Water-based means their paint is more easily biodegradable. Next, they released a range of FSC certified wallpaper, ensuring all of their rolls are sustainably sourced and felled from around Europe. All of Lick’s eco-friendly decorating supplies are B-certified and either compostable, biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable. The packaging too: it’s 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Plus, almost all of their suppliers are based in either the UK or Europe, meaning a lower carbon footprint when it comes to delivering their decorating supplies to your front door. 

It’s a strong CV for sustainability, and thanks to this long list of eco-credentials, they were awarded the esteemed Green Seal, a globally recognised certification for environmental excellence. If you want to read a more detailed report on Lick’s eco-credentials, you can visit their sustainability hub and take a read of their annual sustainability report.

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