The cheapest cities to live in Spain

The cheapest cities to live in Spain

If you are a UK citizen and you are thinking of moving, Spain is your best option, not only because of the Mediterranean climate, but the food and the culture. Therefore, you can find the cheapest place to live in Spain by the sea, above all, the quality/price of life compared to the UK. There are many aspects to take into account before making such a crucial decision, for this reason, provides immigration experts to solve the most important doubts that may you have in mind before taking this important decision and obtaining a Spain wealth Visa.

It is true that one of the most difficult and important decisions for the people that are thinking of moving to Spain, is finding a cheap place to settle and feel like being at home. It depends on what you are expecting for your new life in Spain, but reading this article you will discover several cheapest places to live in Spain, one of the most affordable countries in Europe, because the cost of living in this Mediterranean territory is lower than in other European countries. The cost may change from one place to another, for example Barcelona and Madrid are the most popular cities, but if you are still reading you will find many other cities to live in a very economical way, like Valencia and Granada, among others.

Valencia is a perfect option for people who need to live not in big cities like Barcelona or Madrid. Valencia has 800.000 inhabitants and has a famous port area and a popular beach. The city has changed in the recent past with the re-innovation of the old river bank, which has become a massive green park where you can do exercise, relax, meet friends, play with children, etc. There are many attractions in this city including an Aquarium and Science Museum. The estimated cost of living in this city is 950 € per month, but it may vary, all depends on you and your comfort and expectative. This town has a strong and rich cultural history with famous traditions and you will always have something to do, because it’s a vibrant place.

If you have made the decision to move to Spain and start a new life enjoying all the cultural wealth that emerges from the food, the language and the Spanish lifestyle, you will probably want to get advice on how to obtain a residence permit. In My Spain Visa there is a full digital progressive and professional team that could make the process easier and provide you with all the necessary information in relation with choosing a cheap and a comfortable place to live, obtaining a Spain Wealth Visa, setting up a business in Spain, buying a house, enjoying the same rights as a Spanish citizen, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact them, they have founded a boutique in Spain specializing in immigration for more than 8 years with Wealth Visa Spain.

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