13 Great Personalized Gift Ideas for People with Different Interests

13 Great Personalized Gift Ideas for People with Different Interests

As you’re probably aware there are many different types of personalized gifts out there nowadays that can be customized in different ways. But if you want a gift that is truly personal, you should try to pick one that resonates with the recipients interests.

Not sure what gift to choose? Here are thirteen personalized gift ideas that match different types of interests:

  • Engraved tools and tool belts are the perfect gift for DIY enthusiasts or anyone interested in craftsmanship. It is easy enough to find engraved tools and belts online, or you could have them personalized by a laser cut service.
  • Customized game consoles or controllers are something every gamer will appreciate. It is up to you to decide whether you want to buy a readymade customized controller, readymade console decals, or design your own from scratch.
  • Book bracelets are essentially a type of charm bracelet – just instead of charms they have miniature replicas of book covers. As you can imagine these bracelets are a thoughtful gift for avid readers, provided you know what books they like best.
  • Monogrammed charcuterie boards are perfect for anyone who loves cooking and especially likes preparing charcuterie feasts. The letters on the board can be the initials of the recipient, or have some other significant meaning.
  • Engraved whiskey stones are something any whiskey drinker will make use of. In addition to engraving the stones themselves you can customize a nice velvet pouch to store them in too.
  • Personalized chess sets come in different shapes and sizes. Some may simply have an engraving on the board with the person’s name, while others may have customized chess pieces, a storage box, and more. In any case this gift is definitely something that a chess lover will appreciate.
  • Personalized yarn bowls are a great idea if the recipient likes knitting or crochet. Typically these bowls have the name of the recipient engraved, and will look perfect when placed on a side table as they help keep the yarn untangled.
  • Engraved paint palettes are a useful yet personal gift for anyone who likes painting. If you want you can engrave them, or look for palettes that have customized pictures on them.
  • Personalized luggage tags or passport covers are both things that anyone can use – but will be particularly significant for people who like to travel. Try to find one that matches your recipient’s favorite luggage if possible.
  • Monogrammed notebooks may seem simple, but they’re a gift that all note-takers or list-makers will love. Be sure to pick one that matches the style and taste of the recipient.
  • Customizable sports shoes are a nice idea for anyone who loves to play sports or just generally likes to wear sports shoes. Many big name brands offer them nowadays, including Nike, Adidas, and so on.
  • Engraved rolling pins can be used by anyone who loves to bake. If you shop around you can find them in many different styles and types of woods then match them with the right font. They’re also a great addition to Mother’s Day Hampers.
  • Engraved Spotify code keychains may sound strange, but they’re really a modern riff on the mixtapes of old and music fans as well as old school romantics will likely love the idea. Essentially the engraved code will immediately play the song or album you’ve decided on when it is scanned.

See anything that matches the interests of the recipient that you intend to personalize a gift for? Don’t worry if you don’t, as these ideas are really just the tip of the iceberg and there are many other types of personalized gifts out there to choose from.

At very least you should be starting to see how you can make your gift truly personal if it is both personalized as well as matches the interests of the recipient. That is what you should aim for if you want your gift to really touch their hearts.

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