Cirex Foundry: The Name of Trust

Cirex Foundry: The Name of Trust

Steel was first developed in ancient times primarily used in warfare’s making swords and battle armor. However, steel became much more helpful during the industrial revolution. Steel was used in farm equipment and railroads. Today, steel has many different industrial applications making skyscrapers and large suspension bridges.

Stainless steel is also a handy material now; you may know of stainless steel from your kitchen. Stainless steel holds a special place as it maintains its lustre over the years. As the application of stainless steel is widespread from automobiles to housing and in the medical industry.

The Foundation or the base of anything should be strong for longer sustainability and durability. Steel or stainless steel is widely used in every aspect of life and every business sector. Every person can easily manoeuvre the quantity of steel but at the term quality where things are complicated. To find the right quality of steel for every grade, you can trust Cirex Foundry. As it is, it was one of the leading names in the steel industry.

Let’s dig into the details of why Cirex Foundry is preferred over other companies.

Objectives and Perspective of the company are customer-oriented

The underlying philosophy is to entirely relieve our customers of all burdens – from product creation to series manufacturing.

 The organization emphasizes excellent product quality, fast development durations, and a guaranteed low “total cost of ownership.” In the long run, this provides clients with product assurance and high delivery dependability at the lowest possible cost.

Sustainability is becoming more of a design necessity.

 Suppliers are asked to submit their ideas to the best design for the best price/quality ratio.

Cirex Foundry as a provider of sophisticated steel components, must constantly develop our organization, technology, company, and processes. Only in this way will we continue meeting the high standards and requirements established by the international market.

Prioritized Material Functionality

 Always begin with the functionality of the product. Once the functionality is established, the product is further developed. The selection of material is a critical component of this. A good design is dependent on the material used. It is essential to understand the qualities that the steel must have like

  • Elasticity
  • Tensile Strength
  • Heat Resistance

Highly Regulated Quality Management System

CIREX places a high value on quality and strives to enhance it regularly. The quality management system completely incorporates this principle. Their sites in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic meet clients’ quality standards. Employees are aware of and are familiar with the quality policy and the targets that have been established.

A proper code of conduct is valued.

Achievements in QMS

  • Quality Management ISO 9001
  • Quality Management ISO 14001
  • OSH Management System
  • Green Electricity Certificate
  • Gas Neutral Certificate


Services are in various industries that include

  • Automobile Industry

This includes spare parts of both cars and trucks like Gearbox, engine, and chassis.

  • Industrial Sector

This section contains all types of tools like hoisting and transportation tools, along with industrial components. Cirex offers its services in the petrochemical, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors too.

  • Aviation

Products in the aviation sector are frequently subjected to extreme stress. They are subjected to significant, typically variable weights and substantial temperature variations during takeoff, landing, and flight. Product design and procedure selection are critical in ensuring the safety of travelers and products.


How this metal steel is incorporated in our life and its widespread application makes you aware of the fact that you’re bound to run into steelwork at some point in your life.

So do consult Cirex Foundry for quotations and get quality steel components with good customer care services.

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