How Modern Tech has Helped Online Games

How Modern Tech has Helped Online Games

Casinos and gambling may have a bad rep, there’s no denying the fact that they are an evergreen trend. The online gaming industry was valued at $59 billion earlier this year and is only expected to grow to $92.9 billion in the next two years. Thanks to the high-speed internet and affordable mobile devices, the popularity has only gone up in recent years.

The chance of winning big and the thrill of the game keep people excited and coming back for more. With convenience and accessibility being the buzzword, the online gambling industry has also evolved with time. Today anybody can bet big from the comfort of their own home.

Having said that, there have been times when online casinos were considered a threat more than anything else. It’s quite easy for casino platforms to tip the odds in their favor or some hacker to steal money or personal data from the website. But, technology has evolved and online gambling is now more secure than ever. Here are some of the ways in which modern tech has helped online casinos in many ways.

Random Number Generation

If you have ever crunched numbers for data, you must be familiar with random number generation. This is the same technology that online casinos have been using on their platform. The RNG tool is often used by online casino platforms to generate unpredictable numbers in online slot games. The tool uses a set of algorithms, which help these platforms generate numbers consistently without following a pattern.

There are two types of random number generators – True Random Number Generators and Pseudo-Random Number Generators. Where the former uses physical stimulation like keystrokes, while the latter uses a mathematical formula. The RNG acts like a dealer in a casino game and is integrated to serve the function of number dealing. As such, the RNG provides a fair game to everyone playing online casinos.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

One of the biggest shifts in the digital trend lately has been the shift towards handhelds and mobile phones. According to numbers, mobile users worldwide stood at 7.1 billion in 2021 and it is likely to rise to 7.26 billion by 2022. Needless to say, there’s a huge market and potential here for online casino businesses and it shows.

These days, online casino platforms have been adapting to the mobile interface. This makes it easier for players to access their profiles anytime from anywhere on their phones. Mobile responsiveness also allows online casinos to maintain their features and experience for both computer and phone.

You can now simply open the browser on your phone and open the Jackpotjoy login page to start playing as your would on your computer. You can play their popular bingo games, make transactions, and do things normally as you would on a computer, which is a huge benefit for players.

Secure Payment Services

Transactions like withdrawal and deposits are parts and parcels of the online casino business. From signing up to making a withdrawal, financial transactions are fundamental to all online casino platforms. 

Technological advancements now let players use cards and e-wallets to perform transactions online. Not only are these payment options convenient but also secure, thanks to two-factor authentication and one-time passwords (OTPs). 

Top-Of-The-Line Encryption

As mentioned before, security is one of the main concerns for any online casino business. From safeguarding the personal data of players to their money, encryption plays a huge role in the online casino business. The modern encryption technology helps casino businesses keep sensitive information safe from a third party. 

With an end-to-end encryption system in place, online casino platforms can make sure that player information is not accessible even when there is a transfer of information. The encryption system breaks this information into code that can be decoded only by intended devices. Moreover, there’s TLS encryption that protects financial security and safeguards players’ banking information safe from hackers.

Blockchain Technology

Modern online casinos are implementing blockchain technology to safeguard players’ money. For the uninitiated, blockchain is the same security technology used by cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology ensures that there’s no information exchanged in transactions. This makes it harder for hackers to extract or alter information.

To conclude, technology has not only made online casinos accessible but also the security and gaming experience. From automating the gaming process to preventing fraud, technology has made online gambling a pleasant experience for all. 

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