How do profiling beds help residents?

How do profiling beds help residents?

Profiling beds allow care home patients to sleep well even if they have a condition that makes finding a comfortable position difficult.

They also assist caregivers in properly caring for residents by making it easier to turn them over or help them get into and out of bed.

Written by the professionals at the Wippet healthcare marketplace, here are the top ways profiling beds help residents.

The ways profiling beds help residents

Profiling beds provide the following advantages over traditional residential beds.

Increased comfort

The greater comfort provided by profiling beds is the most critical reason users use them.

A profiling bed has up to four independent portions that can raise and descend to keep the occupant in a comfortable posture that relieves pressure and pain, allowing them to rest, relax, or sleep.

Residents can minimise their pressure further by placing a pressure mattress on the profiling bed. This is a sort of mattress that distributes pressure across a larger region of the body to keep the user comfortable.

Improved health & recovery

Profiling beds immediately contribute to the battle against skin disorders and associated infections by lowering the danger of pressure sores.

This improves the individual receiving care since they are in less pain, but it also helps the caregiver minimise their treatment effort.

Safety features

Profiling beds are available with a variety of optional extra safety measures.

Bed rails for profiling beds are an optional feature that helps prevent users from slipping out of bed, which is especially useful for elderly people in nursing homes. In addition, side rails keep people from rolling out of bed if they require extra access at the head and foot of the bed.

Furthermore, they feature a stronger frame than a standard bed and are less likely to break when subjected to tremendous weight.

Bariatric profiling beds are available in various forms and are specifically built for heavier users.

Improved autonomy

Giving your people personal autonomy increases their quality of life and, as a result, their mental and physical health.

Profiling beds that can raise and lower make it considerably easier for residents of nursing homes to get into and out of their beds without assistance.

Because individuals can do things for themselves instead of waiting for a caregiver to be free, they gain more independence, choice, and control over their lives.

Furthermore, being allowed to come and go whenever they want helps keep kids more physically active.

This increases their confidence in their ability to do things for themselves and increases their likelihood of keeping themselves moving and busy – all everyday habits that contribute to a happier and healthier existence.

Accessibility for different conditions

There are many profile beds designed for various scenarios and conditions. Therefore there is likely one that will meet all residents’ needs.

A wheelchair user with just enough mobility to travel between their chair and a bed, for example, will benefit from an electric high-low bed that can lift and descend to the ground.

A non-electric profiling bed with side padding, on the other hand, may be more appropriate for a dementia patient who may move around in bed and requires additional protection from damage.

Helps staff to provide better care

Profiling beds benefits both caregivers and patients.

Handling patients on and around their beds accounts for one-third of all musculoskeletal injuries among nurses, a fantastic proportion.

Profiling beds reduce staff pressure by making it easier for the bed-user to get in and out of bed and assist their movement using electrical controls.

This enables caretakers to offer treatments to patients, such as injections or lotions, without physically moving them.

Where to purchase a profiling bed

The Wippet healthcare marketplace offers a wide range of profile beds for nursing homes built to industry standards.

Shop our furniture and furnishings, including profile beds, or browse our more extensive selection of items for care facilities, such as housekeeping or medical supplies.

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