Fun Weekend Activities

Fun Weekend Activities

After a long week of work or school for the kids, finding something to do at the weekend can often be frustrating, especially if all your plans are ruined because of weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Many activities cost a lot of money and others aren’t always suitable so trying to find the perfect weekend activity can be difficult. We are here with a list of fun weekend activities to keep you and your kids entertained. These are suitable for people on all budgets as they are mostly free or low cost, but they can be adapted for those on a higher budget.


You may be thinking ‘who put exercise on the list of fun weekend activities?’ but we have some ways to make this more fun. Keep the gym for before or after work during the week, but at the weekend you can make your exercise more exciting with more time and availability.

You could go for a walk with a dog, partner, or kids. You may do this during weeknights, but at the weekend with more time, you could find a more scenic route, maybe hop on the train or in the car and go somewhere out of your hometown. After a long walk, you can go for a well-deserved meal and drink and get into the weekend spirit. The weekend is also typically when sports clubs meet such as walking/running clubs, football teams, boot camps and more. If you have the time and equipment, you can exercise and play sports without a club such as playing golf or basketball on your own or with friends. If you don’t want to abandon your usual routine of attending the gym, you could try going to a spa or swimming after your session at the gym. However you get your exercise, this is a good way to combine fun and exercise which is important for maintaining your body and health.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have used the time stuck at home to improve your garden, or maybe you’ve always been a garden lover and have the perfect outdoor area already. Whatever your garden is looking like, maintaining your garden can be a time-consuming task. If you’re working all week and not home and ready till it’s dark, the weekend may be the only opportunity you have to keep your garden in a good condition. Weekend gardening could include painting fences, planting flowers, cutting the grass, getting rid of leaves and debris and cleaning up the garden furniture. Gardening isn’t always considered among fun weekend activities, but there are certainly ways to make it a more enjoyable activity, especially if you have kids. You can teach kids all about gardening, and introduce fun items for them such as kids gardening sets. If they’re not engaged in gardening through this, letting them play in the dirt, and with bugs will certainly keep them entertained and allow you to get on with the task at hand. The weekend should also be considered a good time to deal with any bigger jobs such as fence installation, mono blocking or gutter cleaning as if you have to deal with workers, it may be your only available time depending on your work schedule. If you do need your gutters cleaned, click here to get in touch with the experts.


Next on the fun weekend activities is camping. Camping is more popular than ever, with an increasing number of people opting for a ‘Staycation’ in the UK. With the correct camping kit, you will enjoy low-cost trips with friends and family for many years to come. You can go to a campsite and pay for a plot meaning you will have plenty of space, be surrounded by other campers and the area will usually have basic amenities. You could also try wild camping which is all about going out and erecting a tent in the wilderness, but chances are, if you’re into it, you probably just know it as ‘camping.’ This type of camping is typically down to basics, with all of your gear being able to be carried connected to or within your backpack. It all comes down to withdrawing from the general public. Camping is undoubtedly a fun experience but it can often be messy and difficult. If you’re a bit more high maintenance, you could try glamping, this is a bit more of a luxury getaway and is normally done in a pod-style room. It will have showers, toilets etc all making for a nice, relaxing experience without worrying about pitching your tent etc. Camping can be done for those on all budgets and interests, you can do some research and find the perfect camping experience for you.

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