Mystery surrounds pink balloons

Mystery surrounds pink balloons

A COMMUNITY was left baffled after waking up to find that dozens of pink BALLOONS had been strung up by the side of a busy road.


The mysterious helium-filled balloons were tied to weeds that have sprung up on a derelict lot where a pub once stood in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.


The balloons appeared to have been placed there by a pair of accomplices working under the cover of night.


Local eyewitnesses reported seeing two people lurking around the site at the start of the morning rush hour.


They worked under cover of darkness, although witnesses said that one of the pair had bizarrely strapped a torch to their head.


Passers-by were at a loss to explain why the balloons were there and no other information or signs have been left.


The former site of the Quarterhouse pub in Wolverhampton, has lain empty since it was knocked down in late 2008.


It is located on Compton Road, a busy route in to the city centre which is packed with motorists every morning.


The mystery men or women who put the balloons there would have done so in full view of drivers making the early morning commute into the city centre.


The balloons have been tied with white ribbon around the weeds that have sprung up because the former Quarterhouse site has been left derelict.


Nursery nurse Sarah Silverwood, who works at nearby First Steps Nursery, said she spotted two people putting the helium balloons on the weeds on her way to work at 7.10am.


The 21-year-old from Penn Fields said: “I couldn’t tell if they were men or women because I was a bit too far away. They must have been there from very early because they had already done quite a few of them when I went past.


“One of them had a torch on their head.


“I’ve no idea what it’s supposed to mean and I’ve not seen anything else like that here.”


Local Patricia Cane, 67, said that she didn’t know why the balloons had been put there, but that they brightened up the area.


Retired Mrs Cane said: “I don’t known why they put them there but there doesn’t seem to be any malice behind it.


“It’s probably distracted a few motorists but they aren’t doing any harm otherwise.


“I think it looks quite pleasant, I’d much rather look at some colourful balloons than at an empty bit of concrete with huge weeds sprouting out of it.”


Planning permission has been granted to build new houses but the site is still for sale.


The pub closed in September 2008 and was bulldozed just three months later.

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