Jimmy Savile abuse report released today

By Gerald Heneghan

Jimmy Savile abused more than 500 children, some as young as ten, a new report is set to reveal today (January 11th).

The 30-page document, jointly published by the NSPCC and Metropolitan Police, will tell of the slew of sexually-related crimes carried out by the presenter over four decades, The Guardian reports.

Speaking to the publication, John Cameron, head of child protection for the NSPCC, described the TV personality as a “prolific paedophile”.

“We want this to mark a cultural shift so that if a child speaks out against someone, we take what they are saying seriously and we act upon it always in future. We have [moved] some way towards this but we need to move further,” he said.

Savile used his position as a celebrity to gain access to vulnerable people in a wide range of institutions and police have so far recorded evidence of 200 of the presenter’s crimes throughout the UK.

Trevor Sterling, a solicitor representing 45 victims of Savile’s abuse, claimed the report marks an “enormous release” for them.

“They really want this report to be a cultural shift. But it still remains to be seen. The victims have had a very difficult time because all of this has been so public, and that has to some extent compounded their sense of distress,” he said.

Last year, the Metropolitan Police launched Operation Yewtree after the revelations about Savile’s abuse came to light.

In October 2012, it was revealed that more than 400 lines of enquiry had been assessed and inquiries expanded to include still-living celebrities, in addition to Savile.

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