Horsemeat scandal: BRC members find no new contamination

By Laura Moulden

No further horsemeat contamination has been found in the course of meat testing by UK supermarkets and a number of other food businesses.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has revealed that a number of its members have completed their investigation into the purity of processed mince beef products and uncovered no new evidence of tainted meat.

On Friday (March 1st), the group reported that 361 tests on more than 100 products had thrown up no new positive results and BRC food director Andrew Opie welcomed the news.

“The reassuring news is that another intensive week of testing has produced no new positive results. And, since this testing programme started in mid-January, just a third of one per cent of products have tested positive,” he said.

Between January 20th and February 28th, nearly 2,000 beef products were tested for the presence of horsemeat by BRC members.

The UK’s largest supermarkets cleared all 100 per cent of their products, while other BRC food member businesses have tackled 95 per cent of their wares.

Since testing commenced, 0.3 per cent of products have tested positive for the presence of horsemeat and Mr Opie pledged further efforts in this area would be forthcoming.

“Our members won’t accept anything less than 100 per cent compliance. We are working with the rest of the supply chain and with government to prevent any incidents in the future,” he said.

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