The Electronic Cigarette Should Be Forbidden in Public Places?

e-cigaretteThere are more and more people using the electronic cigarette, and more spaces in which traditional smoking is forbidden. The electronic cigarette users are proud of their habit, displaying their devices everywhere with pride. The electronic cigarette might be an alternative for the traditional cancerous cigarettes, but is it fair to use those devices in public places, or in places where smoking is forbidden?

According to the Code of Good Manners, using any type of smoke that makes us pleasure, but which makes other people uncomfortable, is not polite. It is true that there are differences between the normal tobacco cigarette and the electronic one. However, the particularity of the smell remains the same, especially if the cigarettes have special flavors. Just like it is unpleasant to see somebody drinking from a bottle in public, it is not nice to smell the cherry or apple smoke, especially because those smell like nicotine. Our freedom begins where the freedom of other people start.

This means that, if you decided to stay in a non-smoking place, you should respect the rules of not smoking, no matter if the device that we use is harmful or not.

In addition, the electronic cigarette should not be used in public spaces. The children can’t make the difference between a normal and an electronic cigarette, and they will consider smoking as a good thing. As long as they see people on the street puffing, and if they will also smell the cherries or the brown sugar flavors of electronic cigarettes, they will want to try it, and they will probably start with normal smokes.

The electronic cigarette was considered a revolutionary product that is supposed to help people quit smoking, but soon, people started to contest it. Today, it is forbidden in public spaces in several US states, and other countries debate about the perspective of forbidding smoking from it in public spaces.

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