Luxury Destinations with Empty Pockets. What is Exchange Tourism or Couch Hiking?

Do you want to see the world, but you don’t have too much money? Well, you can do that, and the couch surfers knowLuxury Destination this the best. Those are people going from country to country with the bus, and at the destination, they are accommodated free by the members of the community.

The same members are those that take the tourist to visit the important objectives in the city. Practically, a couch surfer only needs money for food for a perfect vacation, in which he can see whatever he wants.

The couch surfing communities are organized on the internet. There are specialized websites where couch surfers organize their trips. Members of the same community decide to visit one another, and whenever some person is in your country, he will call you for accommodation. At the same time, when you are in a new country, you can call the community member from the respective country, which will offer you accommodation.

It is the cheapest method to know the world. If you put your ad on one of those websites, you will receive many offers. You will have to accommodate your guests in the living room, or in tents in the yard. A Romanian couple that hosts couch surfers in this country built a special villa for couch surfers. They say that they have received more than 400 guests since 2006, and they also visited about 30 countries during this period. The best experience was Barcelona, where they sat nine days, spending only 300 Euros.

Another characteristic of couch surfing is car hiking. This is the cheapest method for members of the couch surfing community to go from one country to another. According to, there are more than 3 million couch surfers in the world, most of them from the USA.

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