Extremists Gain Political Capital in England

With less than one month before the Euro Parliament Elections, and with one year before the general elections inUKIP the United Kingdom, the extremist party UKIP became the most popular.

It is the first time when another party besides the traditional ones is on the first place in the preferences of people. UKIP is the party sustaining that 30 million Romanians and Bulgarians will leave for England, because of the lifted restrictions on the labour market. The rumours were not confirmed, because only a few hundred people from Bulgaria and Romania came to England at the beginning of 2014, but the party continued to gain popularity amongst the Euro sceptical.

UKIP is quoted with 31% of the voting preferences, while the Labour Party has 28%, and the conservators have 19%.

Many political analysts contest the UKIP campaign, comparing it with the politics of the Nazi party from Germany in 1936.

The party ruled by the Euro Parliament member Nigel Farage recorded a spectacular ascension, anticipated by analysts. A survey made by the official public opinion measurement organization from Great Britain shows that more and more people are disappointed about what the European Union brings them.

Even the name of the party is a game of words (UKIP is the phonetic reading for You Keep). It is a party that attracts votes by panic and sensational affirmations, presenting the UK political and economical situation as an apocalyptic one.

UKIP blames the foreigners for stealing the jobs of UK citizens, and also because they profit from the good social care facilities in the United Kingdom. Recently, the party was also accused of being racist, because of the aggressive statements against the immigrants. The party does not have a solid political platform, but people put their hopes into it because of the disappointments they had with the traditional UK parties.

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