The Most Expensive Contamination

The Most Expensive Contamination



Cocaine is so consumed lately in Great Britain, were it discovered traces of drug in the potable water, according to a recent report. The specialists believe that Great Britain is one of the European countries where huge quantities of cocaine are consumed.


The study was made by the Inspectorate for Potable Water in Great Britain, and it was meant to increase awareness about the pharmaceutical products found in the water of English houses. It was discovered that the water of British citizens contain traces of cocaine even after purifying the water with several substances. The experts announced that they found traces of benzoylecgonine, a metabolized form of cocaine that appears once the drug has gone through the body of the consumer. The tests used to detect the cocaine consumers are made with the same compound.


Besides the cocaine derivates, there were discovered analgesics, such as ibuprofen and medicines used to treat epilepsy, but also significant quantities of caffeine, says The Independent.


“We have the biggest consumption of cocaine in the Western Europe, say Steve Rolles, the leader of the think tank Transform from Great Britain, specialized on problems that are connected with drug abuse. It has become cheaper as the cocaine consumption has grown, added the expert in an interview for the publication Sunday Times.


In England, there are approximately 180 000 drug addicts. Annually, 700 000 people from the United Kingdom with age of 16 to 59 years consume cocaine, according to the numbers of the Drug Scope Foundation. The quantity of compounds discovered in the potable water of the British represent a risk for the health of people that drink it, conclude the report. The fact that cocaine is found in normal water is even more worrying, says the same publication.

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