Guards Found Guilty of Cannabis Traffic in Jail

Guards Found Guilty of Cannabis Traffic in Jail

Brixton Prison is one of the most famous prisons in the United Kingdom, not because some famous convicted thief stays there, but because the name of the prison appears more and more often in different newspapers. This time, it is about Cannabis traffic, which might be encouraged and even sustained by guards. The chief of guards smelled the drugs in the room of guards, announcing the authorities immediately. An investigation is under way, as it seems that there are many other aspects to establish about this matter.

The cannabis related drugs are available for many years in this prison, and it seems like it is hard for theCababis authorities to control the phenomenon. Besides the relatives and friends of inmates, which bring the drugs in the prison using gifts and personal items to cover the operations, the guards are another reason for which this phenomenon is more and more dangerous. The drug is not dangerous only because it is consumed, but also because it leads to gambling, stealing and fights. Cannabis related drugs are supposed to comfort people, but when it comes to a prison, the situation is a little different.

The report of the jail chiefs is conclusive: Cannabis is smoked by inmates and guards, especially in the A and B sections of the prison. While in the case of inmates, the behaviour is a little justified, in the case of guards, the chief stated the importance of finding the persons that are guilty of traffic, and about punishing those accordingly. The number of prisoners testing positive for cannabis consumption has grown dramatically, and as long as the guards sustain the phenomenon, it can’t be eradicated. The prisoners might end up with a prolonged staying in the prison, while the guards might end up on the other side of the bars, along with the prisoners that they guard now.

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