Alarming Youth Unemployment Help Startups

Alarming Youth Unemployment Help Startups

alarming youthThe increasing rate of unemployment in the UK is not a surprise anymore. The generations that graduated college from 2009 to 2014 were not the most fortunate, especially because they woke up on a labour market that does not offer so many perspectives. Even if unemployment is slowly reduced, the new graduates are not eager to take the jobs that are available, especially because they are overqualified for those. Nobody wants to graduate college to work in gas stations and on construction sites. Some of those are willing to do some volunteer work, as long as a decent job is out of reach.

Luckily for the youngsters of UK, their parents still had jobs, or at least some of them. This allowed them to stay at home and to prepare their own businesses. Some of the most prepared graduates offer courses and classes for crafting, internet, self development, and in many other fields. The internet is another working filed that offers immense opportunities. From this point of view, Great Britain can’t complain about lack of smart graduates. Setting up an internet business is a trend today, and even if the incomes for the start are not that great, they are encouraging enough for the first timers.

Besides young graduates, pensioners and part time workers can also take a job of this kind. Self employment and subcontracting seem like a good method for people to succeed in a country where unemployment is still at 7%. Self employment is associated with lower levels of investments. Some of those businesses can be started with a few hundreds dollars, and even if some of them fail, the majority of those offer decent incomes on the long run.

Besides the graduates, there are also the people that renounce college, or don’t even attempt it, because of high costs. Those people can also find their way in self employment businesses.

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