Employers believe young people lack workplace skills, according to survey

Employers believe young people lack workplace skills, according to survey

Image Source- Daily Mail

According to a survey conducted by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), out of around 3000 firms, 9 out of 10 believe that high school leavers were not ready for the working world, with half of them sharing a similar notion in relation to university graduates.

Business leaders have now made the call for new measures to be instated to aid young people’s transition into working life, and the one of these solutions could be to bring in a universal work experience scheme for all secondary schools.

The Department of Education has responded by saying that they will look to discover ways of supporting both schools and businesses and helping the pair cooperate. Business leaders believe that it’s due to a lack of hands on experience why they are unable to adapt to the working world.

The BCC believe that as well as exams being a marker for success, there should also be tests that there should be exams in place to test their workplace skills or experiences, so an employer can take greater perspective on the person they are taking on. The skills they learn can quite be deemed even more important in the long term.

A survey back at the start of the year said suggested that due to the sluggish job market, that 44 percent of students regretted going to University as they believe they would have benefitted in finding a job if they had taken the vocational route instead.  This is not surprising in respect to the BCC’s latest findings.

The Director General of the BCC, John Longworth speaking on employers worries said, “Many businesses are worried that in today’s burgeoning economic recovery, hiring a young person is a risky move due to their lack of experience, not to mention investment of time and resource needed to train them.’

The next couple of years are going to be critical period for all schools and the Department of Education in particular. They are under monumental pressure to prove that further education is still a suitable solution for all young adults, whilst also providing schemes for work experience, which are sure to take schools to the tip of their yearly budgets if they are to come to fruition.

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