A policewoman feared she would be shot after confronting a jealous husband who threatened to kill his wife and stepdaughter, a court heard.

Jason Miller, 45, assaulted his wife of 22 years after he mistakenly believed she had cheated on him.

Miller was barred from his home as part of his bail conditions but breached the order and turned up at the address.

The policewoman attended the scene after Miller made a series of threatening phone calls to police.

Miller was found with his hand in his pocket and the female constable thought he “might be concealing a gun”, Hull Crown Court heard.

She was “frightened” so did not stop her car, but turned around in the street, in Hull, East Yorks.

A second police car arrived so the officer drove to within ten metres of Miller; however, the second patrol car then drove off.

The officer shouted at Miller to remove his hand from his jacket but he refused, the court heard.

The officer said: “I really thought at any moment I could be shot. I could feel my legs turn to jelly and I thought I had no choice but to drive the vehicle forward and if I hit the male so be it.”

Miller was arrested when a male colleague arrived and drew his Taser and it was discovered he was unarmed.

The court heard that Miller, who worked offshore, had frequently accused his wife of having an affair and during an argument at their home on January, 8.

He put his hands around her throat after mistakenly believing she had admitted it.

Prosecutor Jayne Bryan said: “The defendant had misheard her.”

Miller then made the first in a series of calls to police on the non-emergency number, demanding they intervene to retrieve his mail and car keys.

He warned if they refused to help he would “send someone down there with a gun”.

Miller said: “If you think I’m joking, get your armed response down there.”

In a further call, Miller said: “Check your records and you’ll see what I’m capable of.

“If you don’t get those keys there will be trouble.”

Miller admitted assault by beating, two offences of making a threat to kill, threatening behaviour and a Communications Act offence.

Mitigating, Harold Bloomfield said he had “enormous regret” and his assault on his wife was “motivated by jealousy, frustration and anger”.

Jailing Miller for 14 months, Recorder David Osborne said his behaviour showed “a willingness to terrify other people, particularly women”.

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