John Whittingdale refused to comment on whether he’d be resigning from his cabinet position, the day after it was reported he’d allowed his porn star lover access to sensitive documents.

Ex-page 3 model Stephanie Hudson, 36, claims the minister showed her sensitive cabinet documents to ‘show off’ and texted her pictures from a private meeting at Chequers.

She claimed to have had a two year relationship with Mr Whittingdale.

Dressed in a smart navy suit, the Culture secretary left his Kennington flat just after 10am this morning, having kept his driver, in a top class jaguar, waiting for twenty minutes.

When asked if he was going to resign, Mr Whittingdale, dressed in a suit and tie and holding a brown briefcase, said: “I have no comment.”

He was then asked: ‘Did you allow Stephanie Hudson to see your cabinet papers?’

He ignored this question, along with: ‘Did you send pictures to her from Chequers?’

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