The girlfriend of a prolific thief has vowed to stand by him – despite being jailed for his 153rd burglary.

Robin Raison, 27, was put behind bars for three years after pleading guilty to a string of burglaries dating back more than 12 years.

Lewes Crown Court heard that Raison, from Southgate, West Sussex, had stolen cash from a home in Pease Pottage on April 18.

He had previously been jailed for four years in 2011 after admitting to a spree of 152 burglaries in homes in villages and towns across Sussex, including Broadfield, Southgate, Tilgate, Furnace Green and Northgate.

But now, girlfriend and the mother of his two-year-old daughter Demi Friend, has leaped to his defence after a barrage of abuse on social media and vowed to stand by her man.

She said: “When we met, we just instantly clicked and never left each other’s side.

“Robin was so open and honest about his past and time in prison – I really admired and respected that. When Ruby was born he was always helping out.

“He got a forklift licence and was working full-time to make sure Ruby had everything she needed.

“We were such a happy family, he was constantly taking Ruby out to see the ducks or helping her learn new things.

“He was a good father and that is what people don’t see. I’m not defending his crimes.

“What he has done is disgusting, but he just doesn’t think before he acts and he needs help to break that circle.”

Raison has been in and out of prison six he was 16, and we due to meet one of his victims in 2014 as part of his rehabilitation – but the meeting fell through.

Demi said: “They had exchanged letters so Robin was aware about what was going to happen.

“He was nervous but wanted to do it but it was cancelled by the probation team just two days before it was going to take place.”

She said that despite the failed meeting, Demi thought her partner was on the right track and was keen to stay out of trouble – until April 18.

She said: “I’ll never forget the moment when I found out he was charged.

“I’ve never known Robin to be emotional and at that point he was.

“Within a matter of seconds my whole life flipped upside-down. But I’m looking forwards. I love him and will continue to stand by him.”

Demi said that the day he was sentenced was “one of the toughest days of my life” and plans to visit him in prison regularly.

She said: “I completely sympathise with his victims and not for one minute am I defending Robin for his actions.

“What he did was wrong, he broke the law and therefore deserves to go to prison. His victims never asked to be targeted, but me and Ruby didn’t ask to be targeted and questioned about our family life.

“The victims will be suffering, but so am I, so is Ruby. She has lost her dad for three years.”

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