A male model accused of biting a security guard after being asked to leave a trendy five star hotel bar told of his relief after being cleared.

Danny Blake, 23, walked free from court when prosecutors were unable to provide evidence because the alleged victim was in rehab.

Blake was involved in an row at trendy hangout W London in the West End last December while attending a fashion party.

Blake stood to confirm his name and enter a plea of not guilty at City of London Magistrates Court.

But he was cleared after a series of blunders by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Simone Bowman, prosecuting, told the court that she had made some inquiries and discovered that the alleged victim, security guard Mark Craven, is currently in rehab for six months and has been since March, and was not available to give evidence.

She also explained that seven CDs of CCTV footage relied on had not been provided in a viewable format, and had not been previously seen by the defence.

Magistrate Drew Vestry dismissed the case rather than adjourning the trial as suggested by Miss Bowman.

Miss Vestry said: “I am going to decline the adjournment.

“The court was not informed at an earlier date that Mr Craven was starting rehab or that he would not be in a position to come to court at all.

“The CCTV upon which the Crown said they were going to rely on was not served today in a reliable form.

“The Crown has offered no evidence therefore the case has been dismissed.”

Before the dismissal Miss Bowman told the court: “Mr Blake was dancing on the floor of the bar and he got in the way of another person who he then pushed and exchanged words.

“Further on Mr Blake was struggling with security and bit Mr Craven on his left knuckle causing the skin to break. He was then escorted out of the venue.”

She added: “I have made some inquiries during my break and witness care have informed me that Mr Craven is in rehab.

“Witness care informed me that he was in rehab on March 21 for six months.”

The male model faced one charge of assault by beating.

Speaking outside the court, Mr Blake, of Parsons Green, west London, spoke of his relief that he had been cleared.

He said: “I want everyone to know that I’m innocent.

“I’m happy to be found not guilty.

“I’m a young man coming from nothing. I’m just happy that it has been thrown out because this sort of thing could affect my livelihood.

“I’m actually doing something with my life and to get that thrown in my face was terrible.

“There was no way I bit him. “

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