Three quarters of gadgets owned by children aren’t insured – despite almost half ending up broken

Three quarters of gadgets owned by children aren’t insured – despite almost half ending up broken

New research has uncovered that four out of five children between two and 14 own £300 worth of gadgets.

However three quarters of the 2000 parents surveyed admitted to not having the items insured despite the fact that the survey by revealed 40% of these devices end up being broken.

Once broken, parents are forced to shell out a further £150 to repair or replace these gadgets.

The survey discovered the types of gadgets owned and showed that the average age for a child’s first tablet is seven, and the average age for a first smartphone is 10.

80%of children have their own tablet with 58% owning a games console.

More than half have their own smartphone, 39% have a laptop, with just 16% owning a PC.

The research also found that while three quarters of parents admit that they allow their child to have gadgets in their bedroom, almost 15% say they have no internet safety features installed on their kid’s devices and the average child is allowed to spend over two hours on their gadgets every day

13% of parents don’t set a time limit for their kids at all!

Stephen Ebbett, Chief Digital Officer at Protect Your Bubble said “As technology becomes more user friendly, it becomes more accessible to younger children however they’re not necessarily any more durable.

“Unfortunately, our research suggests that the majority of Brits only remember to insure the gadgets they use regularly meaning they’re neglecting to insure the tech they have bought for their children.”


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