The Top Items Brits Miss While On Holiday

The Top Items Brits Miss While On Holiday

When it comes to going away, it appears that UK holidaymakers miss a few creature comforts from home according to a survey carried out on behalf of the tailor-made long haul holiday specialists,

The research shows that 37% of Brits admit to longing for their own beds on their travels.

While 15% of us reveal that we miss our pets the most when we’re away, only 4% say they miss their family!

Paul Hopkinson, spokesperson for Travelbag commented: “Holidays are all about relaxing and experiencing new things. As a nation of tea drinkers, it doesn’t surprise us that a cuppa is one of the things Brits miss most on holiday. A lot of our people even pack their own teabags when they go abroad!”

However, the poll also showed that we’re not all pining for home when we’re abroad.

Those questioned said that the best part of their holiday is travelling to new places they have never visited before.Almost a quarter of Brits look forward to having an opportunity to relax and 17% love spending time with friends and family.

And for those flying to sunnier climes, 17% said what they appreciated most was the weather. Also, those who took part in the poll said they would happily fly up to 12 hours to get to their holiday destination.

Hopkinson concludes: “We all miss at least one thing when we’re away. But it’s also important to appreciate your holiday. You’ve worked hard to get there, so enjoy it. Your creature comforts will still be there when you get back!”

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