Advantages Of Using A Crack Sealant

Advantages Of Using A Crack Sealant

Asphalt crack sealing ranks highest on the list of importance when it comes to maintaining your pavement quality. This is an extremely effective and economical way for extending your pavement lifespan and saving early replacement costs. A sealant is used in this process for filling all pavement cracks and preserving its base and sub-grade. Timely action can help in the prevention of sub-grade and pothole issues for adding to the lifespan of your pavement by another three to five years. 

Cracks can form due to an array of factors ranging from fatigue to thermal stresses, weathering, and erosion. Once the cracks appear, water and moisture can penetrate the same for worsening the issue by widening the gaps. This is why crack sealing is undertaken as routine pavement maintenance work to act as an additional layer of protection for your pavement. Read on to know about the main advantages of using a crack sealant. 

  • Safety From Water Damage 

Water penetrating through the cracks can destroy your pavement base leading to expensive repair requirements and even complete replacements in worst cases. A crack sealant thus becomes an absolute must for acting as an additional layer of protection over your asphalt pavement from water damage.  

  • Enhance The Longevity Of Your Pavement

Cracks mostly appear during the summer months as the harsh UV radiation can weaken the top layer of your asphalt pavement. This effect is similar to what sun rays have on our skin by causing premature aging. Using a crack sealant can be a cheap and cost-effective means of keeping your pavement smooth and protected from sunlight for years. Crack sealing helps in preventing erosion, oxidation, and water penetration for enhancing the flexibility of your driveway or pavement. 

  • Improving The Aesthetic Appeal

The first thing people notice while entering our home is our driveway and this can have a big role to play in determining its first impression. Cracks appearing all over your driveway can make it look unattractive. A crack sealant can come to your rescue in such cases by camouflaging all the patches, small cracks, and rough spots. The rich satiny black finish of asphalt sealants can greatly enhance the look and feel of your pavement. It can also add to the worth of houses and is an extremely important step to undertake before putting up a house on sale. Nothing can attract potential homeowners like an appealing and welcoming driveway before they even step inside.  

  • Keeps Oxidation Under Control

Asphalt often falls prey to oxidation which can cause surface cracking. On being left untreated for long, the cracks can widen as water finds its way into the surface and weakens its structural integrity over time. More cracks form with time and can even lead to the formation of bigger sinkholes, potholes, and fatigue cracking. It has been proven that crack sealing can reduce oxidation by around 75%.  

  • Brings Down Repair Expenses

Cracks worsen when left unattended and without sealing. Eventually, it can create the requirement of expensive repair works and even complete asphalt replacements. We often neglect cracks on being initially spotted as they don’t feel risky enough. But did you know that this habit can cost you thousands of dollars! Taking crack sealing on a timely basis can help you save this money which can be redirected towards other important avenues.  

Final Words

The main aim of using a hot crack fill and a sealant is to make your pavement watertight and prevent internal or external structure damage caused by water seepage. It is imperative to note here that small cracks of today are signs of big potholes of tomorrow and thus require timely action to prevent unnecessary repair expenses.  

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