How to Improve Productivity With Fleet Vehicle Tracking

How to Improve Productivity With Fleet Vehicle Tracking

An unproductive fleet can cost you time and money in your business. That is why you must ensure the proper management of your fleet. A well-managed fleet can help reduce costs and improve productivity in your business. Asides from increasing productivity, it can also help improve safety. Improved safety will lower insurance claims, resulting in reduced fleet insurance costs for your business. Reducing small fleet insurance costs can be critical to new business ventures. 

In this post, we will look at how to improve productivity in your business with fleet management vehicle tracking. Continue reading to find out more.

Analyse Data

Today, there are lots of fleet management software that helps in the collection of data for proper fleet management. One of them is Telematics, which helps to optimise fleet performance. This tracking software tool gives you insight into the operation of a vehicle and the costs involved. Generally, fleet management software can provide you with important metrics, such as;

  • Vehicle location, distance travelled, and route
  • Driver behaviour
  • Idle time
  • Vehicle usage hours
  • Fuel efficiency

Ensure you track the fleet management software records of your trucks and keep the historical data of a fleet for at least 1 year. By so doing, you can easily predict future trends.

Carry Out Maintenance Inspections Regularly

Performing fleet inspections regularly will help give you an assurance that your vehicles are performing optimally. Regular inspections will also help in preventing issues that may lead to costly, expensive repairs if not quickly fixed. Furthermore, it allows you  to spot malfunctions and other issues that could affect the productivity of a vehicle. 

Some of the other ways that regular maintenance inspections can help include the following;

Increased safety. Regular inspections and maintenance will help prevent mechanical failure that could lead to mishaps on the road. Hence, it helps increase safety for drivers. Vans and cars that are road safe will be less likely to be in an accident, which will reduce van fleet insurance costs and increase time on the road. 

Positive reputation for your company. A vehicle becomes reliable if it is properly maintained. Regular maintenance of vehicles ensures optimal productivity, leading to more satisfaction for customers and employees. 

Reduced costs. Conducting regular maintenance will help minimize costs. For instance, regular changing of fuel filters and oil can help prevent major malfunctions that will cost a lot of money to fix.

Consider Fuel Costs

Fuel is among the most expensive things needed for managing your fleets and you must pay close attention to it. Poor driving behaviours and routing will most likely lead to wastage of fuel. For example, excessive speed and idle, quick acceleration, and other poor driving habits can lower gas mileage up to 30%.

Many drivers lack knowledge on how to economise fuel usage. So you have to educate your drivers on these things. Let them know the best practices for minimizing fuel usage. Doing this will help cut costs on fuelling. In addition, track how much each driver is spending on fuel. Keep a record of this, so you can know how much your company is spending on fuel every month. Also, use fleet vehicle tracking systems to find the best routes that will help in minimizing fuel usage.

Improve Driver Safety

Safe driving is a crucial aspect of fleet management. Instilling safe driving habits will help improve driver safety, cut costs on fuel, and more. Some ways you can improve driver safety are as follows;

  • Use fleet tracking systems to monitor driver behaviour
  • Establish strong safety culture
  • Implement driver safety education programs
  • Establish a strong maintenance culture
  • Use fleet tracking systems to find the safest routes
  • Doing all these would help improve driver safety and also help boost your fleet productivity.


Your fleet needs to be properly managed if you want increased productivity in your business. Using fleet tracking systems can help a great deal in this regard. With the above-mentioned tips, you can easily improve productivity in your business. 

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