Warm Roof Conservatory- A sturdy, durable roof for your conservatory

Warm Roof Conservatory- A sturdy, durable roof for your conservatory

The warm roof for a conservatory has a closed tile roof system made of composite tiles rather than slate. A warm roof is designed to look and feel like a ‘real roof’ and allow your storage space to look like an extension. A strong or warm roof allows your conservatory to blend in with your home and make it look like it has always been

Insulated conservatory roof is a sturdy, durable roof that is completely closed. Because of its design, it is one of the best roofing options available.

Unlike polycarbonate or a glossy conservatory roof (which is always very hot or very cold!), a warm roof for a conservatory controls the temperature and provides a fully functional living space that can be used all year round.

Although a warm roof is strong, it does not lose its natural light after being replaced. With Velux windows, skylight, and low lights, your space can stay bright and sunny.

Should I Have a Warm Roof for My Conservatory?

Changing your roof is the best decision for most homeowners.

With a warm roof for a conservatory, you can:

Improve your home’s energy efficiency – and save up to £ 200 a year on heating bills!

Create a functional home extension – with a warm roof for a conservatory, your space can be used for anything, year-round!

Quickly create more living space – in more than half the time it will take a full extension of the house!

Let more natural light fill your home – with advanced ceiling lights and sky lights, your home can be brighter than ever!

Only a little care required for a long time – unlike polycarbonate or a glossy conservatory roof, which needs to be cleaned regularly to look like their warm roof storage area.

Do you need a design permit for a warm roof storage?

The simple answer is no. Upgrading to a solid warm roof for a conservatory usually does not require planning permission because it falls under the approved development, however, you should always consult with your local council. However, you still need the approval of the Building Rules, and Leka Roof has an MFA certificate, so it complies with building codes).

How to make a Conservatory roof warmer?

The best way to keep a conservatory roof warm is to install a solid, coated roof, which greatly reduces heat loss. Other options include indoor roof blinds and window-mounted films; however, these methods do not work well and will not provide high temperature retention in winter.

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