The parents of Muslim convert ‘Jihadi Jack’, who are accused of funding their son in Syria, will have to wait until next year before they face trial.

Organic farmer John Letts, 55, and Sally Lane, 54, are accused of sending their son, Jack, £1,723 after he is believed to have joined ISIS fighters in the war torn country.

Jack, now 20, left his family home in Oxford to travel to Syria last year when he was just 18.

His parents are both accused of three counts of arranging to send money to their son between September 2015 and January this year.

Lane is also charged with a further two charges of attempting to send money on January 4 this year.

The couple were granted bail earlier this month after Mr Justice Saunders said: “These two are clearly desperately concerned about their son.”

Describing them as of “devoted parents” of “positive good character” he added: “So two perfectly decent people have ended up in custody because of the love of their child.”

The pair appeared at the Old Bailey today (thr), Letts wearing a grey suit and blue shirt, Lane a flowery dress, they spoke only to confirm their names in the dock.

The court heard that due to the unavailability of both prosecution and defence barristers, the couple will have to wait until January for a trial.

Mr Justice Saunders said: “I think it should be held as quickly as possible because there is a lot of public license interest, but I realise I will have to make it January 9.

“I personally don’t think it has a level of complexity for a High Court judge but there is a degree of sensitivity, so maybe be can make it less sensitive?”

An initial trial date was set for November 14, but it was decided that a High Court judge should hear the case on January 9.

Tim Maloney representing Lane said: “This is a sensitive case and there’s a potential point of difficulty with the defendant’s son and his whereabouts and activities.

“Both defence and prosecution will not he available until the start of next year.”

The middle class couple of Chilswell Road, Oxford, were both remanded in custody last week following a hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

But at the Old Bailey last Tuesday, an application for bail was granted by Mr Justice Saunders.

Both were granted conditional bail until their plea and case management hearing on November 17.

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