A police force was left hacked off after a group claiming to be Albanian footy fans took over it’s website – with a message saying “It’s Good To Be Albanian.”

South Yorkshire Police fell victim to the group who called themselves NofawkX Al, and claimed to be Albanian, in Sunday afternoon’s bizarre attack.

The hackers replaced the site’s usual information, including news and appeals about crime in the county, with an Albanian football logo.

The group also put up a message saying: “Red and black I dress, eagle on my chest, keep my head up for the flag I die, It’s good to be Albanian.”

A YouTube video entitled ‘Tifozat kuq e zi’ – which is the name of The Albania National Football Team Supporters Club – was also added to the page.

The video showed footage of what appeared to be the Albanian football team playing, alongside shots of fans celebrating and letting off flares at stadiums.

In a message on the police force’s Facebook page, a spokesman said: “A number of you have called or messaged us to tell us that the SYP website appears to have been hacked.

“As such, appeals and other information pages on our website can’t currently be accessed. This issue has been reported to our technical team who will try and get this fixed as soon as possible.

“We’re sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this causes.”

The website was running normally again after about two hours.

Other websites have been targeted by the hackers, including Falmouth Town Council, Greenbank College in Liverpool and a parish council in Wales last year.

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