The top benefits of bespoke ties for businesses

The top benefits of bespoke ties for businesses

If you own or manage a business, you may be considering ordering custom bespoke ties for your employees. There are many benefits of ordering bespoke ties, some of which we outline below.

1. Create a sense of unity

Bespoke ties that are designed with your company logo or in your company colours can be a constant visual reminder to your employees that they are a part of a team. This will encourage employees to work more productively together as they will feel unified. If your employees ask why they are being requested to wear a bespoke, company tie, explain to them like athletes, a company tie can act as a uniform that encourages teamwork.

2. Avoid confusion

In a busy office or workplace, a number of employees, partners and guests can enter and leave on a daily basis. That can be incredibly confusing for new employees or new clients who enter your premises. Bespoke company ties will help anyone new to the workplace to be easily able to identify who are the employees in an office. This can streamline workflows and ensure no misunderstandings are made due to confusion over who is and who is not an employee.

3. Retirement gifts

When a long-term employee leaves your company, it can be hard to decide on the perfect gift to commemorate their time with your company. A bespoke tie can be a beautiful keepsake that reminds them of their time with your company and thanks them for their service. The bespoke tie can then be worn by the retiree at special events or kept in a tie box as a keepsake.

4. Meet green goals

There is more pressure than ever for businesses to ‘go green’ and meet sustainability goals. Bespoke ties can be made from yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. Buying recycled bespoke ties will not only help your company to build and maintain an eco-friendly reputation, but it will also act as a constant reminder for employees to make eco and green choices.

5. Encourage motivation

As an employer or manager, you can choose to gift your bespoke ties to all employees at once or give out the ties to the employees you feel have earned them. For example, the bespoke ties in your office can be a status symbol that is only awarded to the employees who have shown true innovation or gone above and beyond for their career. This visual symbol of motivation will help inspire employees to work harder, in the hope of receiving a coveted tie.

6. Remove socioeconomic boundaries

Naturally, you’ll want every employee in your business to succeed, regardless of their social or economic background. Gifting each and every employee in your business a bespoke tie puts them on a levelled playing field and sends the message that every employee has an equal chance to succeed in your company.

7. Boost your company aesthetics

Often, people tend to form first impressions based on appearances. Having a workforce wearing a company tie looks incredibly smart and sends the message that you are a professional company. Images of your employees in matching ties can be included in your marketing materials, such as your company brochure.

If you are interested in ordering bespoke ties for your business, check out Keltic Ties. They create eco-ties that can be customised for every business and industry.

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