How to Ace a Remote Job Interview

How to Ace a Remote Job Interview

Job interviews can be very stressful, even when you know you are perfect for the offered position. Remotely conducted interviews eliminate the concerns of whether your handshake is firm enough, or how to find a comfortable sitting position in someone else’s chair, but they do contain their own stumbling blocks.

Recruiters go through hundreds of candidates and see some mistakes repeated by many of them. Most of which can easily be avoided with proper preparation, and the following tips were created based on that.

#1: Find a calm environment

This one seems like common sense, but recruiters often see candidate’s family members burst into the room unannounced, or have trouble hearing the interviewees over the background noises of a public place.

The environment you are in is seen as something you can control and will plan properly if you take the interview seriously. Investing in a high-quality headset is also smart and can save you from a lot of trouble.

#2: Remove all distractions 

Eye contact and focus is just as important in a remote interview as it is in one conducted in person. Shut the curtains so your eyes won’t wander off to the events on the street and close that flashing new casino tab you were trying your luck at earlier.

You would be surprised about how often recruiters see candidates scrolling on their phone under the desk or make faces to a friend behind the screen. Especially now when many jobs are performed remotely, the company needs to see you are able to concentrate on the task at hand from a home office environment.

#3: Dress to impress 

Even though recruiters know you are at home, they expect you to dress professionally for the interview. This shows commitment and respect towards the recruiting company, and that you know the difference between work and leisure.

Dressing well doesn’t only affirm the recruiters, it also helps you to get into the right mindset. You are a serious candidate who has a lot to offer to the company and your appearance should reflect that, giving you a boost of confidence.

#4: Test your internet connection and meeting space 

You would not want to spend all that time and effort in preparing for the interview and join the meeting just in time only to find out your connection is patchy or that the meeting app needs to be installed in order for you to use it.

The best time to test these is on the day well before the interview, so that the circumstances would be very similar to the interview event and you would have enough time to reach out to the recruiter and figure out a solution.

Creating a personal connection and a natural social interaction remotely is not easy, but you will have your best chance at that when everything else is in place and working. Acing any job interview boils down to your skills and attitude, so even if you face a small mishap, handling it professionally and calmly can even help you secure the job!

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