Top 7 Safety Tips For Driving Around Trucks On Highways

Top 7 Safety Tips For Driving Around Trucks On Highways

Driving around tracks, especially commercial trucks, can really be dangerous—every year, around 4,000 fatal accidents involving large trucks. Improper following, driving too fast, and staying in an inappropriate lane is the reason for fatal car crashes. 

As per the truck accident lawyer in Tampa, the fault is not always of the truck drivers; sometimes, the drivers of passenger vehicles also cause the accident due to not following the traffic rules or many other factors. 

Top 7 Safety Tips For Driving Around Trucks On Highways 

In order to avoid highway accidents, here are 7 safety tips for driving around trucks. So, let’s get started with the tips.

Avoid Blind Spots

Compared to traditional passenger vehicles, the blind spot area of big rigs, along with other large vehicles, is much larger. 

So, it is always advised to avoid driving in the blind spot of a truck. Slow down or move ahead of the truck so that the truck driver can see you in the side mirrors. 

Practice Safe Passing

When it comes to passing another vehicle, you always have to be more cautious. At the time of passing a large truck, approach from the left side always. 

It will be easier for the truck drivers to see you. Along with these, always keep a consistent speed and in advance signal clearly while passing a truck. 

Allow More Time

Activate your signal earlier when you are turning or changing lanes near a commercial truck. It will offer the truck driver more time for responding to your intended driving and also slow down if required. 

At the time of merging, do not move into the lane in front of a large truck, especially if the upcoming traffic can stop or slow down abruptly. Trucks require more time to slow their speed, stop and perform other necessary actions to avoid car accidents and accident liabilities

Increase Following Distance

Always keep a driving distance between your vehicle and a commercial truck for at least four seconds. The driver can not see you, in case you are tailgating a big rig. 

In case you fail to stop in time or read-ended at the time of traveling closely behind a truck, there is a chance of pushing your car underneath the trailer. 

Watch For Wide Turns

When it comes to making turns, semi-trailer trucks take more space than normal passenger cars. A trailer and a cab also follow different paths. 

In order to gain more space for a right turn, a truck may swing left, or it might start to turn to the right from the middle lane of the traffic. When a truck has its turn signal on, never try to pass it. 

Drive Patiently

When you are sharing the road with semi-trailer trucks, you have to be more patient. There are some strict operating rules that truck drivers have to follow, and often it also includes a regulating device, like a speed limiter to restrict vehicle speed. 

Aggressive driving, maneuvering through traffic, or honking will never encourage a truck driver to speed up. 

Stay Focused

Distracted drivers put everyone in danger. When you are driving around trucks on highways, follow high driving safety. Avoid performing any actions, such as eating or adjusting the radio, which will take your concentration and eyes off the road. 

By keeping your full focus on the road, you will be able to estimate the turn or changing lanes, speed of trucks around you as they merge. This will allow you to respond quickly. 

Final Tips

So, these are the top 7 safety tips that you need to follow when you are driving around trucks on highways. You also need to keep in mind that never drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substances. In case you are feeling tired or drowsy, stop by the side and rest for a while, or you also can ask someone else to drive and take a little rest on a long journey. 

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