The top 5 all-time English Premier League goal scorers

The top 5 all-time English Premier League goal scorers

The English Premier League is one of the most famed football leagues in the world. Different broadcasts of matches and football scores remain the most demanded and viewed on special statistics and analytics sites. For many years, the Premier League has been played by footballers who are still considered football legends. Here are the top 10 PL scorers of all time.

5. Frank Lampard

Lampard is the only one on this list of scorers who played not as a striker, but as a midfielder. He began his career at West Ham but spent most of his life playing for another team.

4. Sergio Aguero

The Argentine striker moved to Manchester City in 2011.  There were hard years of work ahead, which eventually helped the footballer to achieve worldwide popularity and become one of the most successful players in the world`s history. Over the next 10 years, he became the club’s top scorer (200+ goals in all competitions). He currently plays for the MC and remains the club’s record holder for the number of goals as it shown by football scored:

  • With an English club, he won 4 league titles (the last in the 2018/19 season).
  • The Argentine also won the Olympic championship in 2008 with his country’s national team.

Top 3 highest goalscorers

3. Andy Cole

During his career, Cole has represented 7 Premier League clubs. Most of the time he played for Manchester United (195 total). Cole also played for other clubs, but did not achieve the same success there as in Manchester United and did not score as many goals. The last match he played was in 2008 with Nottingham Forest, who later crashed out of Premier League tables.

2. Wayne Rooney

Molded in Liverpool, Rooney became known as a striker of Manchester United. Wearing a Red Devils T-shirt, he became a 5-time champion of England, a 3-time English League Cup winner and FA Cup, as evidenced by the Premier League table.

1. Alan Shearer

One of the most known English forwards and the Premier League’s top scorer of all times, Shearer won his only league title this season with Blackburn. But most of his goals the striker netted for Newcastle (148). It was a great story of a great man just as well.

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